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Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A with VPISU's Terrible Taste in Helmets

Each week during the football season, we here at Streaking the Lawn bring you the inside scoop about Saturday's opponent. This week, we ask what on earth Tech is thinking

The last good VPISU helmet
The last good VPISU helmet
US Presswire

**Editor's Note: VMI doesn't have an SB Nation blog. They don't appear to have an independent blog presence, either. Also, it's apparently uniform week here on Streaking The Lawn. So in lieu of Keydets koverage, we bring you this hard-hitting investigation about VPISU's helmet choices.**

STL: Hey, VPISU. How are things going so far this year?

VPISU: Usatsi_7409746_medium

STL: Oh, right. That. Well you guys done anything new recently, cheer yourselves up?


STL: ...What?


STL: Yea, no, I saw it the first time. What the hell is that?


STL: Oh for the love of...what on earth made you think that was a good idea?

VPISU:  Usatsi_6756760_medium

STL: OK, that's just proving that you shouldn't be trusted with these kinds of decisi...

VPISU:  Usatsi_6884630_medium

STL: Are you trying to prove my point for me?

VPISU:  Usatsi_6593554_medium

STL: Gimme your keys.


STL: You know what? Whatever. I'm not going to try anymore. Enjoy the Arena League/NFL Europe.

(Photos 1, 4, 5 and 6 via US Press wire.)