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The View From Scott: VMI Edition

Another rainy game, but this time against a very overmatched opponent. The View From Scott is back with a look at the VMI game.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport


That was the score after the first quarter.

Against VMI.

Not good, right?

Well, I can tell you that the naysayers I mentioned in the last edition of The View From Scott were certainly out in force during the first 15 minutes of action on Saturday. Perhaps not quite as many as during the Oregon game - after all there were a lot less people in the stands in general. But they were there.

I'll admit, that was not a fun 15 minutes. I didn't like it either. Virginia had 4 possessions in the first quarter and came away with no points against a woefully overmatched Keydet squad. A three and out; a turnover on downs (a four and out?); two interceptions.

The three and out and the turnover on downs concern me more than the interceptions. Yeah, people are concerned about Watford's decision making. I get it. But we shouldn't have a three and out against VMI. We shouldn't have trouble getting one yard on 4th down against VMI. ESPECIALLY after having trouble gaining one yard on 3rd down against VMI.

But setting that aside, we scored 49 points on drives spanning less than two quarters (29:40) before essentially calling off the dogs and bringing in all the backups (and the backups' backups). We even missed a field goal in there, so it could have been a bit better. On those eight consecutive possessions we had seven touchdowns and one missed field goal. Not a single drive took more than five minutes and most were less than two and a half minutes.

So would I have liked a better first quarter? Yes. Were we still efficient and effective overall? Yes. Do I still have concerns about this team - particularly the offense? Yes. Am I freaking out about anything in advance of ACC play? Nope. Bring on the Panthers.

As always, some random musings:

  • Was anyone else really annoyed when VMI got its first first down on the day... in the second quarter... because of a penalty? And it was 3rd and 5 too. Of course, the Keydets only got four total the entire day, so...
  • Watch the replay of Eli Harold's sack. He just flies around the edge and leaves the VMI offensive lineman looking like a child whose puppy just ran away from him. I can't wait to watch this guy for a few more years.
  • It was nice to see Dominique Terrell get some good return yards. I really did think he was going to break one for a TD. It was also nice to see us block another punt. I think we probably could have blocked another couple if we weren't obviously practicing returns and blocking.
  • Everyone is talking about Daniel Hamm's performance. So I won't repeat all of that. Just want to give the kid props. I don't care if it was VMI. That was a solid performance for a debut.
  • You know a game is a blowout when some of the most excited the crowd gets is wondering whether the squirrel will make it off the field without being run over by a player or three. That said, did anyone else notice the people standing behind the end zone trying to give the squirrel directions? At least they directed him down the visiting team corridor.
  • I hope we're done with the rain for this season. Seriously. No more rain.
  • I still don't understand why the Keydet mascot is a kangaroo. Sure, it starts with a K. But its name is Moe, apparently. And cadets actually starts with a c. I don't get it. Then again, no one ever gets my explanations of Wahoos. So... who cares?
  • During the Adventures of Cavman, Moe fired a cannon at Cavman. Someone near me wondered if VMI still taught their cadets how to use a cannon. I refrained from asking in which class at U.Va. they learned to use a sword or ride a horse.