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Week 4 .gif Preview

The Cavaliers return to playing real teams this week when they travel to Pittsburgh to open their ACC slate. Let's see how it is going to play out......

The Cavaliers might now win pretty, but at least they have a HAMM to lead them!
The Cavaliers might now win pretty, but at least they have a HAMM to lead them!
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

The Cavaliers quickly disposed of the Keydets last weekend 49-0, and by "quickly disposed of," I mean it seemed like it took them til the 4th quarter to score against a team that had lost the previous weekend to TheUVAFool's Crossfit cronies (hint: they're not very good at football). But in the end, they won, didn't have to cheat to win, and now stand at a pretty impressive 2-1 clip, so let's move on.

Hopefully the week started out with Fairchild and the Notorious TOB getting in the offense's face.


But let's turn our attention to how the actual game is going to go. Cavaliers win the toss and defer yet again because, why not let your offense get out there and show the defense they've came to play too? They've been so good this whole season!


Fortunately for UVa fans everywhere, the defense knows when gametime is and comes to play; stopping the Panthers on their first drive.


But alas, the offense takes over and Watford proceeds to try and throw a ball to a receiver with no less than three Panthers around him. (LIVIN THE DREAM!) The D has their hands full, but does give up some points. Hoos trail at the half 13-6 (2 fgs because why score a TD when you can kick a 43 yard FG?).


Never fear Wahoo fans, the boys in orange helmets march right down the field on the first possession to tie it up giving us all hope! The defense holds still our beating little hearts....until the 4th quarter arrives. Pitt marches down the field to kick a fg and take a 16-13 lead with 2:15 left on the clock (Hoos have no time outs because Coach London wanted to ice their qb a few times).

KP, Smoke, Watford, and HAMM do their best Oregon impression marching the Hoos down the field and have a 1st and goal with :35 on the clock! THE MIRACLE IS IN PLAY! Until David Watford rips our hearts out by throwing into triple coverage on first down instead of running the ball in the endzone....


The Hoos fall yet again, and leave us all wondering why we can't have nice things. The good news is the basketball season is only about a month away!