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HOOS Ready For Some Recruiting?

Sully Sparks takes over as STL's recruiting insider.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Hello fellow (I should've been a rapper) UVA fans. My name is Sully Sparks and I am here to satisfy all of your UVA recruiting needs. I have been a UVA supporter for as long as I've watched college football. I even had a dream to attend the university until 17 rolled around and nobody could convince me that at 5'11" I wasn't going pro. So I attended Bridgewater College where I played offensive line for two years until knees and girls drove me away from the sport. As I mentioned, I was an offensive lineman, which is an excuse I still use daily for the fact that I've still never decided to get in shape. My favorite memories as a UVA fan were every time Chris Long threw up the L after a sack. My worst memories have been the outcome the past nine years of the Commonwealth Cup. There is nothing on this earth I dislike more than an Oakland Raider or a Virginia Tech Hokie.

For STL I will be contributing a recruiting snapshot every week on Wednesdays. In addition I will try to do some prospect breakdowns, as well as some lists, because everyone loves lists. I do some scouting for the NFL Draft so I will try and use those same principles when discussing a recruit, while taking into account they aren't nearly as developed. Offensive line and interior defensive line are my specialties.

I am a former high school coach in the state of VA, so I will bring a lot of hands on experience in my posts. If there is anything in particular you would like to know, or want explained further feel free to comment and I'll get to them the best I can.