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September 4 Rotunda Roundup - Morgan Brian Scores for USA

From the gridiron, to the soccer pitch, to the biggest stage in tennis, UVA athletes continue to make headlines. Read just a few of the scintillating stories in today's Rotunda Roundup.

Morgan Brian (right) has plenty of reason to smile after netting a goal for the US last night.
Morgan Brian (right) has plenty of reason to smile after netting a goal for the US last night.
Jared Wickerham

WNT vs. Mexico: Morgan Brian Goal - Sept. 3, 2013 - YouTube
And for today's video daily double, we have a special treat for you. UVA's Morgan Brian gets the look for the US women's national team, and...GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Sophomores Harold, Canady becoming mainstays for Virginia defense - The Daily Progress: Sports
With one of the youngest football teams in the nation, Virginia is starting to display some of the rising talent that has Coach London so excited about the future. Two of these young studs showed game-changing ability last Saturday.

Lambeth Field - UVA Steals Win
What does UVA football have in common with the Hamburglar? After analyzing the win over BYU, the writers of Lambeth Field think they found the answer.

ACC Week 1 power rankings - ESPN
There was no doubt that UVA's big-time in over BYU would launch them up the totem pole in the ACC. So how much do the experts think the Hoos improved? The answer might surprise you.

Former UVa standouts in U.S. Open doubles quarterfinals - The Daily Progress: Sports
Lacrosse may forever be the most celebrated sport at Virginia, but recently tennis has made a strong push to the top. After winning its first national title in the spring, UVA tennis continues to make headlines, this time with a pair of alumni making moves in the doubles bracket of the US Open.