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UVA Basketball Roster: Hoos on Twitter?

Grant Halverson

Hey, #UVATwitter peeps, are you keeping up with UVA basketball as well as you can? (Also, how come #UVATwitter has only been tweeted once ever?)

To start you off, here's a compilation of the basketball team's twitter accounts to follow this season, as well as some stats so you can see who the Hoos' most popular tweeters are.  (Remember, practice good Twitter etiquette here. Mainly, don't be a weirdo; following these guys on the internet does not mean you are best friends with them and doesn't mean you need to send them weekly messages.)

Twitterless :( :(

Darion Atkins

Malcolm Brogdon

Anthony Gill

Devon Hall

That...could look pretty close to our starting lineup against JMU. Coincidence?


Here's the rest of the team, from least followers to most, with some gems from their feeds:

Jeff Jones - @Jeff_R_Jones -  1,868 Tweets, 306 Followers

Jeff is funny:

Maleek Frazier - @Leekers10 - 893 Tweets, 310 Followers:

Maleek doesn't tweet often...but when he does, it's often about The Bachelor.

Here, he nails the prediction of next Bachelor, though he failed to foresee the national trauma that Juan Pablo's season produced:

(Yes, this is a tweet from over a year ago. Remember, he doesn't tweet too often).

Rob Vozenilek - @RobVozzz - 442 Tweets, 409 Followers

Jack Salt - @JackSalt33- 19 Tweets, 951 Followers

Just 19 all-time Tweets for the Kiwi, but so far so good! And he's got the team's best followers:tweets ratio.

Caid Kirven - @Caid_Kirven24 - 1,891 Tweets, 966 Followers

Marial Shayok -@SuperMarial03 - 634 Tweets, 989 Followers

BJ Stith - @Number1_Wahoo - 908 Tweets, 1,475 Followers

Darius Thompson - @DThomp14 - 2,133 Tweets, 2,704 Followers

Darius gets the benefit of Tennessee and UVA followers, so that's not fair at all.

Isaiah Wilkins - @IsaiahWilkins21 -  12,300 Tweets, 3,413 Followers


Wilkins is the follower leader amongst the first years...but it's no surprise with that tweet count, by far the leader on the team

Mike Tobey - @MikeTobey10 - 768 Tweets, 3,672 Followers

London Perrantes - @London_Tyus - 8,155 Tweets, 4,730 Followers

Evan Nolte - @EvanNolte - 2,525 Tweets, 4,423 Followers

Even better on Vine than Twitter:

Justin Anderson - @JusAnderson1 - 5,540 Tweets, 8,418 Followers

Like most things in life, Twitter is a strength of Justin Anderson's. Mainly because he keeps talking about how much he loves UVA. This is a sure way to get to first in the Twitter rankings.

Yes, the fact that he pisses off Terp fans is a nice added bonus.

Coaches on Twitter:

Ron Sanchez - @CoachSanchezUVA - 14 Tweets, 612 Followers

This was Coach Sanchez's last (non-reply/RT) tweet:
Jason Williford - @CoachWillyUVA - 1,307 Tweets, 2,966 Followers

About 50% UVA, 50% Steelers here:

Tony Bennett - We wish :(