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2014 Virginia Men's Lacrosse TV Broadcast Schedule

Where and when to watch your Hoos play the fastest game on two feet

Lacrosse on tv? We're jumping for joy!
Lacrosse on tv? We're jumping for joy!
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

One of the biggest positives for college lacrosse fans over the past few seasons has been the increasing TV coverage. For us Virginia fans in 2014, we get six—count 'em, SIX—games across the ESPN family of networks.

March 1 7:30 PM Syracuse ESPN3
March 16 5:00 PM Notre Dame ESPNU
March 22 4:30 PM Johns Hopkins ESPNU
March 30 12:00 PM Maryland ESPNU
April 5 3:00 PM UNC-CH ESPNU
April 11 6:00 PM Duke ESPNU

In addition to the six regular season games, ESPNU will broadcast both games of the ACC semifinals on Friday, April 25, and the ACC Championship on Sunday, April 27.

ESPN's decision to cover college lacrosse has been one of the biggest reasons for the sport's rapid growth in the past decade. The first lacrosse game I ever saw was the 1999 finals on ESPN2, sitting in my grandparents' living room, missing out on baseball season because of a broken leg. By the next year, I was playing crease defense (at the behest of my best friend, a goalie) and never gave baseball a second thought. Sorry, Will.

The full list of ESPN's lacrosse broadcasts is available here.