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ACC Issues Public Reprimand to Florida State’s Okaro White

Okaro White. #thuglife
Okaro White. #thuglife
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC today issued a public reprimand to Florida State's Okaro White for his conduct following Saturday's game between the Seminoles and Virginia in Charlottesville.

"White's actions during the post-game handshake led to the teams having to be separated as they left the floor," the ACC's release said.

STL reported the story in our post-game report last week:

That late FSU run, in which they cut the lead from 21 points to 12, led to some hostilities at the end of the game. Official Jamie Luckie torched it when he called a technical on Justin Anderson for hanging on the rim after an alley-oop with 20 seconds to play. While Anderson undoubtedly spent a bit of time on the rim, the call was an unnecessary one, as Justin, who had flown to the hoop, simply hoped to land safely on his feet rather than the back of his head.

Seconds later, jawing between the teams boiled over when London Perrantes and Okaro White began shoving around midcourt; they were both tagged with technicals, while Darion Atkins and Teven Jones were ejected for leaving the bench area. After things settled and during the handshake line, Okaro White looked to make a beeline for Perrantes, taking a swing at him and kicking off another mini-brawl.

By the way, immediately following the game, our SB Nation friends at Tomahawk Nation wrote, "The end of the game was marred by some classless moves from Virginia."  Good job, good effort.

The public reprimand doesn't come with any other penalties, which I suppose is a good thing, so Florida State can continue rolling through the ACC and make Virginia look better.

"The ACC considers this matter closed and will have no further comment," the release said.