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SB Nation Predicts Every 2014 ACC Football Game; Outlook Bleak for Virginia

Spoiler alert: Virginia will not be bowling next year, according to SB Nation's experts.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Three of SB Nation's ACC football experts (sort of) got together and decided they had the free time to predict the results of every ACC game for next year. For Virginia, their outlook can be summarized in this single statement: "Virginia's Mike London might want to start updating that resume."

The experts on hand include Mark Ennis (SB Nation college football and basketball contributor, @Mengus22), Bud Elliott (@sbnrecruiting, manager of @TomahawkNation) and Ben Swain (TheBenSwain) (because seriously, they make a bowl game and now all of a sudden a Duke football expert is allowed to comment on the entire ACC football landscape).

Mark predicts a 2-10 finish for the Hoos, with wins coming over Richmond and Kent State. Bud is the most optimistic of the three, predicting a 3-9 record with the extra win coming at BYU, while Ben sees Virginia's only win coming from Kent State next year.

When discussing which ACC team has the most brutal of schedules, Ben writes, "'s hard to look at an NC State or a Virginia as having a tough schedule, because most every game will be tough for those teams. But man, Virginia's schedule is brutal. I'm not sure Mike London can survive it."

Mark goes in a little more detail:

I think it's Virginia. For a coach needing to show real improvement to justify getting another year at the helm, London's AD hasn't done him any favors. In the non-conference, Virginia faces UCLA and BYU, and while it is in the easier of the divisions, Virginia managed to pull Louisville as its permanent opponent and draw FSU for 2014. Ouch. Within the division they have to play at Duke, at Georgia Tech, and at Virginia Tech. Pete Lembo is going to look great in Charlottesville next year.

What do you think? Do the SBN experts have it right? What will next year's season bring for the Cavaliers?