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Checking in with UVA Men's Soccer

The Hoos continue to have problems scoring goals, but they also continue to play well defensively. They're 8-3-1 overall and 3-1-1 in the ACC. They are tied with Notre Dame for the ACC Coastal Division lead. They have also won 4 games in a row and ranked 10th in the nation.

Senior MF Eric Bird continues to lead the Hoos.
Senior MF Eric Bird continues to lead the Hoos.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Since we last checked in, the Hoos have had quite a bit of action. Our last update came just before the Hoos faced the defending national champion Fighting Irish. Well, the Hoos held Notre Dame to just 1 goal, but managed just 1 themselves. So that was a draw.

The Hoos then lost back to back games (to Davidson and #2 Syracuse). They rebounded nicely though, winning 4 straight (over JMU, Pitt, GMU and Duke). None of those 4 teams are ranked. The Hoos are ranked 10th.

Despite the loss to Syracuse, the Hoos are in tied with Notre Dame for first place in the ACC Coastal division. As noted above, the Hoos and Irish drew in their matchup, and both have identical +7 goal differentials. If the next tiebreaker is goals scored, the Notre Dame has it 17-14.

As we've been noting all season, scoring goals has been the Hoos problem. They scored just 1 goal in the two losses and have scored multiple goals in just 3 games all year. They scored 3 against Pitt, which seemed like the breakthrough they'd been waiting for. But then they proceeded to win a pair of 1-0 games following that.

All ACC teams have 3 games remaining. The Hoos face @Clemson, Wake Forest and @UNC, while Notre Dame faces @Duke, VT and @Pitt. UNC, just a half-game back faces @NCST, @BC and the Hoos. (The Hoos also have a matchup with Radford, Notre Dame also faces Michigan State and UNC also faces Georgia Southern).

The winners of the two divisions get the top 2 seeds in the ACC Tournament. That means playing against a team from one of the two play-in games. In the Atlantic Division, Syracuse is 4-1 and could just about clinch the division this weekend with a win over Louisville. The ACC Tournament begins on November 5th.