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UVa Football .gif Preview: UNClass Edition

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The .gif preview makes it's triumphant return after taking last week off. There was no .gif preview and the Hoos lost. Is that a coincidence? I don't know, but you can probably blame @TheUVaFool for all of it.

This week the Hoos return to the friendly confines of Scott Stadium for Homecoming to take on the visiting North Carolina Tar Heels. I have my concerns as to whether or not the Heels will make it to Charlottesville, because you have to read a map, and that was covered in one of those "official" classes. But I digress.....

UVa wins the toss and awaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy we go! To everyone's adoration, Greyson Lambert takes the field and hits pass after pass, Kevin Parks runs all over the place, and Smoke gets in on the action with an end around from 25 out to take to the house! Hoos go up 6-0 and the UNC players look at one another.....

For the UNC Alumni out there that went to "class," that would be 7. 7 comes after 6. And UVa leads 7-0.

Not to let their brethren to the South out perform them, the UVa defense takes the field to much love and adoration. What do they do? Allow the UNC offense to go the length of the field in 6 plays. Oh, where have you gone oh great UVa defense?

Luckily for UVa fans everywhere, the defense remembers that they actually are a good unit. After giving up the opening drive, they decide to play for reals and hold the Heels to only 3 more points the rest of the half.

The Cavaliers enter the second half up 17-10 and start to feel really good. The UNC sideline on the other hand starts to worry about which paper from their freshman year they are going to turn in for their upper level Philosophy class. (Yes, that is a real thing, and nobody seemed to care at UNC)

The defense does their job the rest of the second half as well. They bend and give up a touchdown late, but not before the offense has already put up 17 more points on the Swiss cheese UNC defense. Hoos win 34-17!!!! UVA ONLY ONE MORE W AWAY FROM A BOWL!!!! MIKE LONDON IS ON THE VERGE OF GETTING ANOTHER EXTENSION!!! VPISU LOST EMBARRASSINGLY LAST NIGHT!!!!