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STL's Week 9 Power Rankings

Week 9 of the ACC football season is in the books. As always, we look to how we think the ACC stacks up against one another. Like the weeks before, FSU top, Wake Forest bottom.

FSU stays on top so we pay homage by honoring their beautiful lady cheerleaders
FSU stays on top so we pay homage by honoring their beautiful lady cheerleaders
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9 has come and gone. FSU is still on the top. Wake Forest is still on the bottom. Everyone between 5 and 12 is a crap shoot. This is how we think the Conference stacks up, but your guess is as good as ours!

1. Florida State Seminoles (7-0, 4-0). Last week: 1
The Noles were fortunate enough to have a bye week to prepare for their Thursday night showdown with Louisville, but like the weeks and years of days gone by, they couldn't avoid controversy. Between #FSUTwitter, Jimbo's comments about everything, or Karlos Williams' battery charges, the charges dropped, then the rumor of a drug deal turned robbery, it's been a banner week for the Noles! They'll have to deal with a tough Louisville team this week to maintain their chances at the CFB Playoff.

2. Clemson Tigers (6-2, 5-1). Last week: 2
Clemson beat Syracuse. The final score said they did, but ask any Clemson fan and they'll tell you it wasn't a great win. Only beating Syracuse 16-6 in a night game, at home isn't a great win. Luckily for the Tigers, it was still the Orange. They'll get a bye week to get ready for Georgia Tech and hope Deshaun Watson gets better. Cole "Three & Out" Stoudt isn't making too many fans in the Palmetto state.

3. Duke Blue Devils (6-1, 2-1). Last week: 3
Blue Devils got a bye week to rest up after their "win" over the Cavaliers in week 8. This weekend they'll travel to take on a Pitt team coming off a pretty embarrassing loss to Georgia Tech. If Duke wants to stay atop the Coastal standings they'll need to avoid a #goacc performance. But this is still the Coastal Division, where chaos reigns supreme.

4. Louisville Cardinals (6-2, 4-2). Last week: 4
If the Cardinals want to prove that they are truly a force to be reckoned with the in the ACC they need to take out the Seminoles tonight. What's weird is that Bobby Petrino, perpetual heel to America due to his previous "transgressions," will be cheered on by every college football fan in America. This is what happens when you do stupid stuff, FSU.

5. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (6-2, 3-2). Last week: 7
The Yellow Jackets hit the road and were able to take advantage of roughly 15 Pitt fumbles. They blew out the Panthers 56-28 and will welcome the Hoos to Atlanta in another Coastal showdown. Whoever loses is likely out of the Coastal race, but weirder things have happened.

6. Miami Hurricanes (5-3, 2-2). Last week: 8
Hurricanes, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. The Canes blowed out the Hokies on the road, on a Thursday night. Actually, I am not sure if Miami won or Virginia Tech is just really bad, but the Canes won in the end. They play host to the Tar Heels this weekend and with a matchup against FSU on the horizon, they need all the conference wins they can get to stay competitive in the Coastal.

7. North Carolina Tar Heels (4-4, 2-2). Last week: 11
UNC beat the Hoos last weekend in one of the ugliest wins I have ever seen. Virginia might have beaten Virginia, but the Tar Heels got credit for the W. Fedora has to take his boys on the road again this weekend to Miami. Miami should have quite the home field advantage, so the Canes should be favored by a lot. (That was a joke, but Miami is actually favored by 14.5. Football is stupid).

8. Boston College Eagles (5-3, 2-2). Last week: 9
Eagles beat Wake Forest last weekend in Winston Salem. I am not impressed at all. This weekend they'll travel down to Blacksburg to take on the struggling Hokies. BC doesn't have a chance to win the Atlantic, but if they want to assure themselves a bowl game, they should take care of business this weekend. They take on Louisville and FSU in their next two games before finishing off with Syracuse.

9. Virginia Cavaliers (4-4, 2-2). Last week: 5
Virginia lost to UNC. Virginia beat themselves in so many ways. I've lost all faith in this team, but expect them to somehow get to 6-6. I don't get football. It's dumb.

10. Pittsburgh Panthers (4-4, 2-2). Last week: 6
When you fumble the ball 29 times in the first quarter, you're gonna have a bad time. For the sake of the rest of the Coastal, and Pittsburgh's hopes in the Coastal, they need to show up this weekend against Duke. What does that entail for Pitt? JUST HAND THE BALL OFF TO JAMES CONNER EVERY PLAY. EVERY PLAY. SERIOUSLY, EVERY PLAY.

11. Virginia Tech Hokies (4-4, 1-3). Last week: 10
LoL, Hokies. I'm gonna be perfectly honest, that was a fun game to watch. Frank Beamer's seat gets hotter by the week, and those of us from Charlottesville love every minute of it. They sit at 1-3 in the conference, so their only hope is to stay competitive in the Coastal is to win out. So much for an easy schedule avoiding Clemson, Louisville, and FSU.

12. N.C. State Wolfpack (4-4, 0-4). Last week: 12
Remember when the Wolfpack were 4-0 and everyone thought they could challenge for the Atlantic? Boy, THAT was a long time ago. Four straight losses to FSU, Clemson, BC, and Louisville have all but killed N.C. State. They've got Syracuse this week and Wake Forest in two weeks, so six wins and a bowl are very attainable.

13. Syracuse Orange (3-5, 1-3). Last week: 13
I was impressed. Playing in Death Valley on a Saturday night and keeping it competitive was maybe a sign of hope for the Orange? I don't know, but with games against NC State, Duke, Pitt, and BC, six wins could be possible. I doubt it, but a lot weirder things have happened in the ACC.

14. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (2-6, 0-4). Last week: 14
No, still not talking about that.

Here is how the voting broke down among us. Let us know how you think the ACC stacks up in the comments

Last Week Caroline Will Schwartz Leung Tim Tiki Trogs Wiley Drew OVERALL AVG Vote
Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State Florida State 1.00
Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson 2.00
Duke Duke Louisville Louisville Duke Louisville Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke 3.44
Louisville Louisville Duke Georgia Tech Louisville Duke UNC Louisville Georgia Tech Louisville Louisville 4.00
Virginia GT Georgia Tech Duke Miami GT GT BC Louisville Georgia Tech Georgia Tech 5.33
Pittsburgh Miami Miami Boston College UNC Miami Louisville Miami BC Miami Miami 6.22
Georgia Tech UNC Boston College Miami Boston College UNC Miami Georgia Tech Miami Boston College North Carolina 7.11
Miami Virginia North Carolina North Carolina Georgia Tech Virginia Virginia UNC UNCCH North Carolina Boston College 7.67
Boston College Pittsburgh Virginia Virginia Virginia Pitt Pitt Virginia Pitt Virginia Tech Virginia 8.89
Virginia Tech VT Pittsburgh Virginia Tech Pitt Boston College BC Pitt Virginia Virginia Pittsburgh 9.89
North Carolina BC Virginia Tech Pittsburgh Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech VPISU Syracuse Virginia Tech 10.56
NC State NC State Syracuse NC State NC State NCSU NC State Syracuse NC State Pittsburgh NC State 12.33
Syracuse Syracuse NC State Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse NC State Syracuse NC State Syracuse 12.56
Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake Forest 14.00