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Operation Coastal Chaos Update: All Can Still Go 4-4

The path grows narrower but remains plausible

With the college football season rounding the turn for home, the ACC Coastal has drawn eyes across the interwebs for the possibility of all seven teams finishing the season with a 4-4 conference record.

We here at STL fully support this initiative and hereby endeavor to keep you, the reader, at the fore of internet knowledge.

Current Standings

  1. Duke (2-1, needs to go 2-3)
  2. Georgia Tech (3-2, needs to go 1-2)
  3. UNC-Chapel Hill (2-2, needs 2-2)
  4. U.Va. (2-2, needs 2-2)
  5. Miami (2-2, needs 2-2)
  6. Pitt (2-2, needs 2-2)
  7. LOLkies (1-3, needs 3-1)

Below is the easiest, most plausible path to 4-4. Week by week, here's what needs to happen:

Week 10

Pitt (3-2) beats Duke (2-2)
Miami (3-2) beats UNCCH (2-3)
VPISU (2-3) beats Boston College (irrelevant)
GT (4-2) beats Virginia (2-3)

Week 11

NC State (irrelevant) beats GT (4-3)
Duke (3-2) beats Syracuse (irrelevant)
FSU (irrelevant) beats Virginia (2-4)

Week 12

VPISU (3-3) beats Duke (3-3)
Clemson (irrelevant) beats GT (4-4)
Pitt (4-2) beats UNCCH (2-4)
FSU (irrelevant) beats Miami (3-3)

Week 13

UNC (3-4) beats Duke (3-4)
Virginia (3-4) beats Miami (3-4)
VPISU (4-3) beats Wake (irrelevant)
Syracuse (irrelevant) beats Pitt (4-3)

Week 14

Virginia (4-4) beats VPISU (4-4)
Duke (4-4) beats Wake (irrelevant, but awful)
UNCCH (4-4) beats NC State (irrelevant)
Miami (4-4) beats Pitt (4-4)

There aren't really any crazy upsets here. Syracuse and NC State both need to pick up cross-division wins which may be a tall task given how those teams have looked this year. The fact that VPISU needs to find 3 more conference wins is the most difficult scenario for which to account; it is also the most delightful.

Week 10 (i.e., this week) becomes the lynchpin for this scenario. It's still possible to play out right if things go sideways on Saturday but more crazy results need to start entering the picture. So if you love chaos as much as you love college football, consider this your rooting guide as well.

Oh, and #goacc.