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Game 9 .gif Preview: GEORGIA TECH EDITION

The REAL .gif preview makes its triumphant return this week! The bad Cavalier football team is back and so is the .gif preview!

Yep, that's about it
Yep, that's about it
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, there was a .gif preview last weekend. Yes, there have been .gif previews for the last few weeks. But this week, the REAL .gif preview comes back! Gone are the days of thinking UVa might win! No more shall we expect competent coaching decisions! I will not think a 28 point lead with 5 minutes left in the game is safe! For today, TODAY, THE REAL UVA FOOTBALL IS BACK! Let's see how they can bungle a win in Atlanta.....

The plane ride was fun! The team even had fun going to the Varsity for some team bonding on Friday! However, the team comes out for pre-game warm-ups in their white jerseys....Coach Johnson called London earlier in the week and asked him to bring Navy jerseys so GT could wear white. CML thought it would be cool to play white on white...

Georgia Tech wins the toss and sensing that the Cavaliers might send 15 guys onto the field, elects to receive. Not wanting to let down anyone, 16 Hoos run onto the field! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Bill, you can come coach anytime you want.

Georgia Tech runs the ball out of their triple option on two straight plays setting up a 3rd and short. SURE that they're going to run it again, UVa stacks the box in a punt formation. GT fakes the hand off and hits a wide open WR for a 75 yard TD pass! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

UVa is not defeated though. Lambert and Co. take the field. First play from scrimmage, Parks runs for a 30 yard gain on a toss sweep. What does Coach Fairchild do? Puts in Smoke for two straight "option" plays and a screen. I could have told you that was coming

The rest of the first half goes generally the same. Georgia Tech scores and scores some more. Cavaliers enter the locker room down 21-6 and we all look at our calendars a few more times to see when basketball tips off.

A weird thing happens when the second half starts. The Cavaliers return the opening kick to the house for the first time since the Welsh days. UVA HAS COME TO LIFE!

The defense stops Georgia Tech on two straight possessions and the Hoos pull to within 21-19 (botched two point conversion....go figure). 

But these are still your Virginia Cavaliers. Georgia Tech gets the ball back with 5 minutes left up 5 with every intention of running the clock out. Luckily, Coach London burned two of the timeouts in the 3rd quarter. The Cavalier defense holds steady and forces multiple third downs, but is unable to stop the Yellow Jackets from killing the clock. 

We're UVa fans. We told ourselves we wouldn't care coming into this season. We knew expectations should have been low after last year's "football season." And yet, 4-2 makes us have hope.....

Football is stupid.

And college football is stupider. (j/k, I'm a Falcons fan, so I know really stupid football)