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Help Find Hannah

If you saw something, please say something

It's been nearly a month since Hannah Graham disappeared. While the search continues, we at STL wanted to engage Cavalier fans and leave no stone unturned.

Hannah disappeared the night before Virginia's win over Louisville. Our thought is that perhaps there were people in town for the game who have since gone back to their hometowns and haven't been exposed to the same calls for information. Our goal is to fix that.

Were you in Charlottesville that weekend? Were you downtown or along Preston/Grady at all the night of Friday, September 12th? Were you traveling in or around the Charlottesville area that weekend?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, for you or for any friends you know, please think back. Look at the pictures and questions below. No matter how small a detail, if you saw something out of the ordinary, call the tipline and let law enforcement know.

Hannah's parents, her friends, her classmates, deserve our effort. A suspect in custody doesn't mean this case is closed or that we can move on to other things. This is a member of our community, a fellow Wahoo. It's our job to do everything we can.

Find Hannah Graham

Report anything you saw.