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ACC Basketball Previews: Virginia Tech

Oh my god this is gonna be bad

Firehouse Zen

Last year: 9-22 (2-16 ACC), KenPom #192, RPI #245

Projected Starters
Devin Wilson, G - 6'4, 190, sophomore
Adam Smith, G - 6'1. 170, redshirt junior
Will Johnston, G - 6'4, 225, senior
Christian Beyer, F - 6'7, 220, senior
Joey Van Zegeren, F - 6'10, 235, redshirt junior

Expected Contributors
????? (No, seriously. Other than the five guys listed above, every player who saw time for VPISU last year has graduated, transferred, or quit playing basketball altogether.)

Avert your eyes. That's going to be the recurring theme for Hokie basketball in 2014-15 (although one could argue that's been the theme for at least a couple seasons).

After a disastrous campaign led to the ouster of coach James Johnson, things look like they may get worse before they get better in Blacksburg—"better in Blacksburg" being a relative term, of course.

New coach Buzz Williams lost senior Jarrell Eddie, the only recognizable asset on last year's squad to graduation. Freshman Ben Emelogu transferred to SMU, Trevor Thompson bailed to Ohio State, and Marshall Wood left for Richmond. Incoming transfers Seth Allen (Maryland) and Zach LeDay (South Florida) will both miss this year due to transfer rules.

I could keep writing here and posting more digs at VaTech. And we'd all enjoy that. But I'll hold off on the schadenfreude, as the 2014-15 Hokie basketball season ought to cover that with doom to spare.

Virginia beats the Hokies on January 25th in Blacksburg, then again February 28th in Charlottesville.