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The DOs and DON'Ts of Cheering

Cheering may seem like a...spectator sport, but there are some guidelines to follow. (See what I did there? Eh?)

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There's More HOOps Week!

If you have spent your #HOOpsWeek on our site (and we hope you have), you are clearly a fan of dear ole Virginia. You bleed orange and blue. You want CavMan to be your BFF. You bought EVERY ACC Champions tee shirt in Mincers you could get your hands on.

I get it. I have the same problem.

Last season, the Virginia fans weren't just great, they were incredible. That's not bias, it's fact, based on science. No really...Naismith Student Section of the Year award winning incredible. But, as you know, this is Virginia, where your best just hasn't been good enough since 1819.

So, I'm here to give some pointers on the DOs and DON'Ts of cheering.

DO show up early.

The SHOTS system on grounds is a great addition to the assignment and dissemination of tickets to students. The timed entry rewards those who support Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Soccer, and other "smaller" sports throughout the year, and that's a great push by the 'Hoo Crew. This cheering rule is easy to follow when it's, say, Duke, but try and get to JPJ early for the less-hyped games, too. The enthusiasm of the crowd greatly affects the players, and creates a harsh environment for the opposition, whether it is Norfolk State or Syracuse.

DON'T use vulgar language.

We're not Maryland.

DO stand the whole time.

Yes, the WHOLE time. I'll give you halftime, but when the team is on the court, you should be on your feet. You're young. You have good joints. It's not that much time, and the continued excitement will help momentum carry over between each Buzz Williams called timeout. Exception: you are on crutches/injured. I'm not cruel.

DON'T rush the court... least not this season. Don't get me wrong. I am ALL for it. I was all for it against Duke in 2013 (and 2007), and I was all for it against Syracuse last year as it clinched the ACC regular season. I love seeing the players and fans mingle, because,'re classmates! HOWEVER, I like Rick Reilly's court-storming rules. If you are ranked Top 10, which face it, we hope to be all season, you don't need to be rushing. Exception: Jack Salt hits a game winner with no time left on a behind the back, half-court lob over Okafor to defeat Duke. Rush your heart out.

DO get creative.

UVA is a great school filled with great minds. Use them to bring some zingers to the game. The Syracuse game last year is a prime example of that. Unbelievably good work. Bravo. These guys might be my fave:

London Piranhas

Wonderful work. Just beautiful.

DON'T break your keys out.

We're not Virginia Tech. Exception: UVA is beating Virginia Tech by a huge margin (15 plus...we don't need another Miami-ACC Tournament situation) and there's 10 seconds left on the clock and we have the ball. Warm up the bus.

DO make the alumni stand up.

That's my favorite.

DON'T use the 'overrated' chant.

It doesn't make sense. If you're playing a team and you're beating them, wouldn't you want them to be ranked accurately? That would mean they're 'good', but you're clearly better because you're winning? If you chant overrated, aren't you just saying, "Everyone thinks you're good, but you're really not very good, so we're beating a not very good team, and we're okay with that."? Makes no sense. Exception: UVA is ranked No.3 and Duke is No.5 and you beat them by 15 and you say they're overrated. I'm okay with that.

DO travel to away games.

I can't say enough how impressive JPJ South (Greensboro), JPJ South: the Return (PNC Arena), and JPJ North (MSG) were. So much orange, so much support, and so loud. It was noticeable to the players, and they appreciate it.

Keep up the good work, Wahoos. You've done an outstanding job, and you've got a team you can put your all into. Enjoy the season. If I've left anything out or you have any qualms, let me know in the comments!! Remember, it's all in good fun and as always...go HOOS!