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.gif Preview: Miami Edition

The Cavaliers are still playing football (I think) and this week they take on the resurgent Miami Hurricanes.

Coach London needs all the help he can get from the .gif preview this week
Coach London needs all the help he can get from the .gif preview this week
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So, here we are. After 10 games, the Virginia Cavaliers are about as good as we all expected them to be. Standing at 4-6 and staring down the barrel of another bowl-less season. Unfortunately, there is no basketball game to watch on Saturday, so we might as well see how Mike London and Co. get to 4-7. Like always, the .gif preview is here to let you know before it happens!

Hurricanes win the toss, get the ball, and feed Duke Johnson and Brad Kaaya to the tune of a 9 play 70 yard drive. It is amazing what good quarterback play and competent play calling will do for a team. 

Not to be outdone. UVa comes out guns blazing! Lambert is throwing the ball all over the field! Kevin Parks is running for gains! With the ball on the Miami 45 and a 3rd and 9 in front of them, the Hoos run a......wait for it.....wait for it......a screen! Smoke is blown up in the backfield because the Miami players were literally yelling "SCREEN!" as soon as 2nd down was over. Nobody though to call timeout or change the play. 

If you want to see how the rest of the first half goes, highlight the previous two paragraphs, hit ctrl + c, then ctrl +v and there you go! Hoos enter the half down 17-0. Littlepaige looks on in disgust because he thought they had a chance to win this game......

The second half is a bit more of the same, but being UVa, they have to give us hope. The defense pulls out some interceptions. Lambert throws balls up and receivers come down with them. By the end of the third quarter, UVa only trails by a touchdown. A miracle seems possible, but UVa fans know better. They're a little skeptical.

That premonition that we couldn't have nice things turns out to be correct. Miami scores on their next two possessions and UVa gets nothing going with bubble screens and draw plays (weird). Do you think Al Golden might want to just stay in Charlottesville?

In the end the Hoos fall by 17. It isn't pretty and the score is closer than the game. London's goose is all but cooked, but Littlepaige wants him to stick around til 2018 to maintain some continuity. Those great recruits are doing great things!

The good news is, there is only one more football game left in the season and the basketball team is hopefully 4-0! Yay!