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Behind Enemy Lines: Hate Week "Q&A"

If it's Friday, it's Q&A. This week, we answer your burning questions about That Team Down 81

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Thanksgiving. The most magical of holidays. Filled with cranberries and stuffing and potatoes—and most importantly, dead turkeys. Unfortunately for some amongst us, Thanksgiving also means having to spend time with family that went to that other Virginia ACC school.

To boost the spirits of our dear beleaguered comrades, STL presents this "Q&A" in advance of tonight's Battle for the Commonwealth Cup.

STL: Hey, Tech! How was your Thanksgiving?

STL: Oof. Another season at the kids' table, huh? Don't worry, I'm sure the NCAA will add bass fishing and let you sit with the grown-ups soon. But did you guys at least get to do something fun before your Thanksgiving break started?

(via @JoshParcell)

STL: Wow, Coach sure does look like he's having a good ... wait a minute. Is that a soccer score or a football game?

STL: No, yea I saw it. But what ... what is he doing?

STL: OH! OH GOD! MY EYES! What the hell, Tech!?!? I thought we were frie—okay not like FRIENDS friends but could at least be cordial. How dare you show me that??

STL: ...Great form. Speaking of catches, did you see what our guy did last week? SportsCenter thought it was pretty cool. Sorry, that was just mean. Anything else going on around campus?

STL: Ooooooh, yeeeeeaaa. It's basketball season. Well at least you got to go to Cancun, I'm sure that was fun?

STL: [snort, snicker] Ok well, I'll let you go then. I'll just leave this one last thing here for you, a Black Friday gift from us to y'all.

Remember: Hokie Hokie Hokie hi, go to hell VPI