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F&%K It. Whatever.

Yea we get to do this again next year, too

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11 years.

1 bowl game in five years.

23-38 (11-29 ACC).

2015 includes @UCLA, Notre Dame, and Boise State.


Thank you, Darius, Kevin, Anthony, Daquan, Miles, Brandon, DreQuan, Khalek (yes even you), DJ, Alec, Henry, Zachary, Cody, and Conner (even after the ineligible-downfield, you big lovable lout you). You gave this program four years of your all. No one ever doubted that you played hard. You were let down—as were we all—by coaches who were in over their heads, and an administration too blind and too stubborn to change its ways.

This one hurts more than any of the others, because they had gotten my fool heart to believe. Like actually, truly, BELIEVE that we were going to win. And yet somehow ... some way ...

Tomorrow, I am calling the Athletics Department. Their number is 434-982-5100. If no one answers, I'm calling back on Monday, and then on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday. I will not get off the phone with them until I have made it certain that in no way shape or form should they contact me about 2015 football tickets. Not for a season, not for a mini-package, not for a single. Damn. Game.

I will also be writing emails. You should too. ckl9e [at] virginia [dot] e d u gets you Mr. Littlepage. Jon Oliver can be reached at jko3b; Dirk Katstra, Executive Director of the VAF, is dpk4f. Be polite, but be firm in voicing your frustration and utter disappointment that this program—this department that has built itself on a motto that must be some sort of inside joke, "Uncompromised Excellence"—does not represent anything that you choose to support any longer.