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Week 10 .gif Preview: FSU Edition

This week we turn our attention to the #1 Florida State Seminoles. How is the game going to turn out? (Hint: not good)

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a UVa and Atlanta Falcons fan. I've really grown tired of football over the last couple of weeks. This week UVa travels to Tallahassee to play Jameis and the 'Noles. If the last three weeks are any indication of how this game is going to go, I expect we'll be able to watch nearly all of the LSU-Bama or MSU-tOSU games! So, that's fun. Let's take a look at how it's going to play out in Florida......

Hoos win the toss and knowing they need to assert themselves early, take the ball. Being down roughly all their offensive lineman against a stout FSU defense, Fairchild tries to establish the running game. KP goes for 1 yard on first and -3 on second. In comes Smoke on third and long and out goes a screen....which FSU knew was coming. 

FSU scores 7 plays later.

UVa gets two first downs!

FSU scores 5 plays later.

UVa goes three and out.

FSU kicks a FG after 9 plays. 

By halftime, Jameis is out of the game and UVa trails 28-3. Luckily Jimbo doesn't care and let's his son call plays the rest of the game. All UVa fans look around....

The Hoos defense finally finds themselves against the FSU third string and holds them to only a field goal over three possessions! By the start of the fourth, 31-10 and a comeback begins! By comeback, I mean UVa kicks a FG with 20 seconds left because even Mike London doesn't know what he's doing anymore....

The bad news: UVa falls to 4-6 with Miami and Virginia Tech remaining on the schedule. Long live Mike London!

The good news: UVa covers! Only 6 days till basketball season starts!