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Top Streaking The Lawn Posts of 2014

We relive the memories right here, and come to the realization that we were all just kinda goofy in 2014.

No year in review would be complete without a picture of Joe Harris.
No year in review would be complete without a picture of Joe Harris.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we race towards the end of 2014, we thought it might be fun to relive some of the most popular posts of the year here on Streaking the Lawn. We took out a few posts that were largely driven by search engine traffic, like when we posted a blank March Madness bracket and the masses came flocking in.

Without further ado, we give you some of the top STL posts of 2014:

9. After the Hoos' loss to Michigan State in the Sweet 16, Schwartz took a very, very early look at this year's roster. His verdict wasn't exactly on point, but that's before he just knew how helpful the freshmen would be this year or that Tobey would get stronger and Justin, somehow, would get more athletic.


7. Just a couple days ago, we ran a simulation of how Virginia would fare if they played Kentucky today. Actually we ran 301 simulations.

6. Virginia played Duke for the ACC MEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP and boy was that a lot of fun. Hey guys, remember when our boys were the ACC champions? OH WAIT THAT'S NOW. #REIGNINGACCCHAMPS

5. On April Fool's Day, we reported that head coach Mike London would receive a four-year contract extension taking him to 2020 with a pay raise. Boy did you guys fall for it. Sadly, we did not know at the time how close to true this would be.

4. #HokieRespect. The Hokies claim they have it. Incontrovertible photographic evidence would prove otherwise.

3. In this opinion piece, Wiley was not happy at all with the outcome of the Virginia-Virginia Tech game, and he made his position known to all. He has not been seen without a flask in his hand since.

2. The shirt that launched a thousand public outcries. Virginia's Evan Nolte was a very bad boy over the summer. We weren't concerned about the arrest. We weren't concerned about the public intoxication or him fleeing from the cops. We're most concerned about his complete lack of judgment when he put on that shirt.

1. And finally, amidst chaotic times at the University and a tremendous 30-13 shellacking of Miami by Virginia's football team, the internet found...Goose Guy. STL scored the exclusive interview, in which Goose Guy admitted to his mortal fear of geese, and in which Wiley made a terrible pun and I think was proud of it.

So there you have it, Hoos. Hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane, and we'll keep more coming in the next few days. Wahoowa.