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Know your Hoos: UVA Basketball Statistical Trivia

How well do you know the Hoos?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Show off your Virginia basketball knowledge by taking our stat-focused 10-question quiz. Answers are at the bottom (no peeking!) Let us know how you did in the comments - any perfect scores will be rewarded with court-side tickets to this weekend's game against Syracuse recognized as quite impressive.

All questions refer to all games through Saturday' win over ND (unless otherwise specified) and don't include individual stats from the "Green Team" of walk-ons.'s about as hard to score on this quiz as it is on Tony Bennett's defense.

1. Who is the team leader in eFG% (by a large margin)?  (Remember, eFG% is like FG%, but 3-point makes are worth 1.5 baskets:  eFG% = (2P Makes *1 + 3P Makes* 1.5) / FGA)

a) Malcolm Brogdon

b) Anthony Gill

c) Joe Harris

d) Mike Tobey

2. Who are the top 2 in % of shots taken when on the floor?

a) Justin Anderson and Mike Tobey

b) Justin Anderson and Malcolm Brogdon

c) Malcolm Brogdon and Mike Tobey

d) Malcom Brogdon and Anthony Gill?

3) Of the following 4, whose defensive rebounding rate is the lowest?

a) Justin Anderson

b) Mike Tobey

c) Anthony Gill

d) Malcolm Brogdon

4) We all know how spectacular London Perrantes has been handling the ball, posting 103 assists to 28 turnovers for a 3.7 AST-TO ratio. Who is second in that statistic? (> 10 assists)

a) Malcolm Brogdon

b) Justin Anderson

c) Joe Harris

d) Akil Mitchell

5) Which statistic does UVA NOT lead the ACC in during conference play?

a) eFG% defense

b) Defensive rebounding rate

c) Steal % (on offense)

d) Defensive FT rate

6) UVA's 60 possessions/game during conference play is slow...but in the ACC, there are 5 teams that play at an even slower pace. Which is NOT a team that plays slower than UVA?

a) Boston College

b) Virginia Tech

c) Pittsburgh

d) Syracuse

7) FT shooting has....not been a strong suit this year. But how many returning players have managed to improve on their FT% from last season?

a) 0

b) 1 (Mike Tobey)

c) 2 (Mike Tobey and Justin Anderson)

d) 3 (Mike Tobey, Justin Anderson, and Darion Atkins)

8) How many consecutive games has UVA won against rivals Maryland and Virginia Tech?

a) 5

b) 7

c) 9

d) 11

9) Just three players have scored more than 15 points on Virginia in ACC play. Rasheed Sulaimon, KJ McDaniels, and who?

a) TJ Warren

b) Ryan Anderson

c) Jabari Parker

d) Lamar Patterson

10) Which Hoo is the most active on Twitter? (Most all-time tweets)

a) Justin Anderson

b) Teven Jones

c) Caid Kirven

d) London Perrantes

Scroll down for answers - no peeking! Honor code and all...













1) B

Anthony Gill's 62.7% eFG leads the team - after him, Joe Harris is in second at 55.8%. Gill also leads the team in FT Rate at .78 FTA/FGA (far ahead of Akil Mitchell's .58 mark). When Gill shoots the ball, good things happen.

2) A

When they're on the floor, Justin Anderson takes 24.6% of shots and Mike Tobey takes 25.0%, edging out Joe Harris and Malcolm Brogdon. They're middling offensive ratings dictate that they may want to give Brogdon/Harris/Gill a bit more of the action.

3) B

Mike Tobey's 12.7 DReb% is pretty weak for a 7-foot center. However, he did match his season high pulling down 4 against Notre Dame in just 16 minutes of action.

4) C

Joe Harris's 64 assists to 38 turnovers are just a bit better, ratio wise, than Malcolm Brogdon's 68-42 mark. (If we ditch >10 assist restriction, Teven Jones's 8 AST-1 TO lead the team).

5) D

UVA is 5th in defensive FT rate in the conference. The Hoos were one of the best in the nation in that stat during OOC play, but they've been more aggressive during the ACC season. This has led to more forced turnovers, but more fouls as well.

6) C

At 62 poss/gm, Pittsburgh is a hair faster than UVA. BC, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Miami, and Syracuse all play slower, averaging under 60 poss/gm. Four of the eight slowest teams in the nation are in the ACC, America's slowest conference.

7) A

Yep, nobody has improved their FT shooting. EVERYONE who played in 2012-2013 is doing worse this year. It's amazing.

8) D

UVA has won 5 in a row against the Hokies and 6 in a row against Maryland, for a total of 11 consecutive wins against rivals. That's fun.

9) B

Boston College's Ryan Anderson had a big game, scoring 20 on 8-11 shooting. But Jabari Parker, Lamar Patterson, and TJ Warren were a combined 7 of 34 for 22 points against the Hoos. (Hat tip to @WahooBasketball for this one)

10) B

This one isn't close. Teven Jones's ~34,500 tweets lead the team; Perrantes trails with ~7,600, while Anderson is in third with ~4,400.

How'd you do?