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ACC Tournament 2014: University of Virginia Bingo Card!

The Wahoos take the court on Friday against either Maryland or Florida State. Play along with Streaking the Lawn's official Bingo card!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Streaking the Lawn aim to improve your ACC Tournament watching experience, so this year we created the official STL 2014 ACC Tournament UVa Bingo Card.

The idea is to look out for all your favorite Virginia comments and moments while watching the Hoos beat up on the competition.

Some notes:

If you see something that you think (or know) fulfills a square on the card, tweet it to @TheUVAFool who will make a ruling and signal the official blocking of a square. Some are straightforward, like Malcolm's mouth guard, but some will take an overarching decision (Hack-a-Gill, Proud Papa Tony). Screen shots/Vines are encouraged and accepted as evidence.

Those watching on TV will be responsible for assisting those watching in person when it comes to any commentary related blocks.

Seeing as the cards are all the same, there is not a prize for getting Bingo.

Additionally, there will be an ACC Bingo card released later that will allow you play throughout all the games.

Enjoy, and GO HOOS!

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