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ACC Tournament UVA Cheering Guide: First Round

With the Hoos sitting pretty as the #1 seed, us Wahoo fans can just sit back and relax and watch the games. But who should we root for?

Tony may not be rooting for anybody in particular (at least not openly), but you should be.
Tony may not be rooting for anybody in particular (at least not openly), but you should be.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

While there's a good chance that none of these teams will have much impact on the weekend games, there's still slight chances, and we want to ensure that we pick the correct teams to root for.

Game 1: #12 Wake Forest vs #13 Notre Dame

Hoo Should The Hoos Root For: Wake Forest

Why: The winner of this game plays Pitt, and while Pitt has struggled a bit down the stretch, they are still leaps and bounds ahead of either of these teams. However, Wake Forest's proximity to Greensboro means they are likely to have a decent amount of fan support. This could give them an edge over Pitt. The winner of that Pitt game plays UNC, and Wake's familiarity with UNC may give them a slight edge over Notre Dame in that contest (plus Wake already beat UNC once this year). Again, it is unlikely that the outcome of this game has any impact on the Hoos, but we're looking for small edges here.

Also, we don't like the Big East teams.

Game 2: #10 Miami vs #15 Virginia Tech

Hoo Should The Hoos Root For: Miami

Why: Because Virginia Tech. Also because Miami is still a solid defensive team and could give Cuse a game if they get that far.

Game 3: #11 Georgia Tech vs #14 Boston College

Who Should the Hoos Root For: Boston College

Why: Both BC and GT are terrible, but BC is worse. Since the Hoos are likely fighting with Duke for NCAA seeding (and a spot in Raleigh), we would love to see Duke get knocked out of the ACC tournament early, and Clemson has already beaten Duke once this year (and quite handily at that). Most likely, neither BC nor GT are going to beat Clemson, but GT may give Clemson a better game. We want Clemson to walk over their opponent so they are fully rested for Duke. Clemson beat GT twice already this year, but they also won @BC, so that is kind of a wash.

So there you have it, Wahoo fans. Today, you should root for Wake Forest, Miami and Boston College. We'll check back tomorrow morning to give you an update on who we should root for in the second round. Feel free to comment below if you disagree. Or if you agree. Or if you don't really care who wins these games because it doesn't matter.