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2014 ACC Tournament: ACC BINGO!

Yesterday, we shared a UVA specific Bingo card. Today...the whole tournament is covered!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Now that you are prepared for Virginia's games with our official Streaking the Lawn UVA Bingo card, we have put together a card that will let the fun carry over into the other games.

All of your favorite #goacc moments are covered, and no matter what happens in the first game with Miami and Virginia Tech, that's a free space. Although, let's be honest, Roy Williams is for sure going to break out a hideous pastel plaid at some point.

Keep in mind, there are no first place prizes, but you are all winners in our hearts.

If you see something that you think fulfills a square, tweet @TheUVAFool and let us know! Vines, Instagrams, and screen shots are welcome and encouraged (of the games, you weirdos) as evidence of the Coach K sneer or a B1G sign. Syracuse, please don't send every charge/block to us.

Thanks to our SBN ACC brethren for pitching in on these. This is all meant in good fun, so everyone enjoy, best of luck, and, as always, GO HOOS!!

(Click to embiggen)