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ACC Tournament UVA Cheering Guide: Semi-Finals

We're down to just four teams remaining in the ACC Tournament. The Hoos are one of those final 4 for the first time since just before I officially became a Hoo. Been a long wait. So who do we want to face in the Final?

Tony Wants You To Root for NC State Tomorrow Over Duke
Tony Wants You To Root for NC State Tomorrow Over Duke
Streeter Lecka

Obviously, we're all rooting for the Hoos to win our game. You wouldn't be reading this article if you weren't rooting for the Hoos. The other side, however, may not be so easy. Who would the Hoos prefer to face in the ACC Final, should they take down the Panthers?

Game 13: #7 NCSU vs #3 Duke

Hoo Should The Hoos Root For: NC State

Why: Because Duke. We don't like Duke. We've never liked Duke. A Duke loss (coupled with a Virginia win, of course) would likely move the Hoos past the Blue Devils in NCAA placing. That would guarantee the Hoos a slot in Raleigh, and a 2 seed. Of course, if the Hoos face Duke in the final and win that, it would also give the Hoos the edge over the Blue Devils in NCAA placing. And it would shut up all the haters who complained about the "unbalanced schedule". NC State has beaten the Hoos in the past two NCAA Tournaments. And 2007. And 2002. And 2000.

But let's be realistic. I'm not going to root for Duke in an ACC Tournament game. Not now, not ever. Unless maybe they're playing Carolina. This has been a season of making history, so maybe its time to finally knock the Wolfpack off in the ACC Final.