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Virginia Basketball: NCAA Selection Show Live Thread

Where will UVA be seeded?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Come on in and commiserate with fellow Wahoo fans as we await the announcement of the 2014 March Madness bracket.  The Selection Show will air on CBS at 6 PM, and we'll update this post as the bracket is revealed.

Here's what we think we know:

With the Hoos' win over Duke, a spot in Raleigh for the round of 64 and round of 32 is basically locked up.

Virginia looks to be a decent bet to end up as at least a #2 seed...and with Michigan State beating Michigan, there's a legitimate shot that the Hoos grab the last #1 seed, which should be in the East Regional.

We don't know much more than that.  The Committee has been working off two contingency brackets, as they await the ends of this afternoon's games, and they always have some surprises in store.  While UVA owns just 5 top-50 RPI wins, the Hoos also have 5 more (4 of those road/neutral), if you extend the arbitrary cut-off to 55.  The Committee LOVES this arbitrary cut-off; we'll see if this hurts UVA in seeding.

Here's one more sure bet: For fans of the ACC Champion Virginia Cavaliers, this Selection Sunday will be a hell of a lot more fun than last year's

Here's a link to a blank NCAA Tournament bracket, in case you just can't wait to the end of the show to start filling yours out.

Update, 6:02 PM: We're underway!!! Florida is the #1 overall seed.

Update, 6:06 PM: South Region Top 4 Seeds:

1 Florida

2 Kansas

3 Syracuse


VCU is the number 5 seed here. Syracuse NOT in MSG. Pretty good bracket for the top-seeded Gators, I'd say.

Update, 6:11 PM: Next up, the West - as expected, Arizona the top seed here. The West:

1 Arizona

2 Wisconsin

3 Creighton

4 San Diego St.

Wisconsin out of the way, they're a 2 seed as well. Bubble team BYU is in as a 10-seed.

Update, 6:21 PM: Keeping us in's the Midwest:

1 Wichita St.

2 Michigan

3 Duke

4 Louisville

Yowza. NC State makes it in! That's a shocker! (No pun intended). Wonder if FSU ends up somewhere too...  Tough draw for WSU, yikes. Michigan announced too as a 2-seed. Comes down to us and Nova, it seems...

Tennessee in too!

Update, 6:40


1 Virginia

2 Villanova

3 Iowa State

4 Michigan State