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Cavaliers Fall to Spartans 61-59

It was a hard fought game that saw the Hoos come up just short

Akil Mitchell and the Hoos come up just short in their bid for the Elite Eight.
Akil Mitchell and the Hoos come up just short in their bid for the Elite Eight.

In a game that many thought would be a close, hard fought game, Michigan State and UVa certainly did not disappoint. Many will look at the refs for the reason the Cavaliers lost the game tonight, but the Hoos simply didn't make enough shots down the stretch to win the game.

When UVa fans think back to the game, they will look to the late push off of Teven Jones that MSU got away with. What many won't realize is the team just simply didn't shoot well enough the entire game and couldn't come through in the clutch. 35% from the field usually will not win games, and it won't help when you have to play a top 5 team like Michigan State. Mix in only shooting 33% from three, and you have a recipe for a loss.

Luckily, the Cavaliers maintained the hard defense that had characterized the team the entire year, holding Michigan State to only 61 points (just 6 over the UVa season average). The Hoos even outscored the Spartans in the 2nd half 32-30, thanks in large part to a huge run to kick off the 2nd half.

It sucks that the Hoos lost, but let us not remember this season for this last loss, but let us remember it for the ride that it took us on. An ACC Regular Season Championship and Tournament Title. If you had told me UVa would have that back in October, I would have taken that in a heartbeat.

Thank you UVa basketball.

Thank you Thomas Rogers.

Thank you Akil Mitchell.

Thank you Joe Harris.

We will miss you. Until next November and the run starts again.