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Virginia Football Commit: Ryan Bischoff

Offensive line is a big position of need for the Hoos in the 2015 recruiting cycle, and the Hoos managed to pull in their first commitment there early on. Ryan Bischoff is a big kid and appears to be a solid pickup for the Hoos.

Mike London pulled in his second commitment for 2015.
Mike London pulled in his second commitment for 2015.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoos reeled in a big commitment today.

Big, because Ryan Bischoff is an offensive lineman which is a need position for the Hoos. And big because he's a 6'5" 305 pound high school junior. (To be fair, some websites list him at just 280 pounds. Which makes him slightly less big.)

Here is some video on Bischoff, from Hudl:

Ryan is from Plymouth Meeting, PA and plays for Plymouth Whitemarsh HS. Plymouth meeting is a suburb of Philadelphia.

He lines up mostly at RT, although he is at LT a few times. His team appears to be a run-heavy offense and he is knocking his man back 5 yards or more on most plays. He's also regularly getting to the second level and sometimes making a second block downfield. It's always difficult to judge OLs from highlight videos, because its nearly impossible to determine what kind of talent is lined up across from him. If he's blocking a 5'10" 210 pound LB, that is far less impressive than blocking a 6'2" 275 pound DE. And it is generally difficult to tell from a few clips.

Ryan also plays some DT, although his highlight video doesn't show that at all. He's being recruited for the OL only.

Ryan appears to move very well. He seems to carry his 300ish pounds very well, and doesn't look heavy. In fact, he looks like he could even add weight. His certainly looks like an OT. It will be interesting to see if he remains at RT next season, or if he spends more time on the left side. (Generally, teams put their best OL at OT.)

Thus far, the recruiting services have only rated the top hundred or so players, and Bischoff hasn't come in. He probably won't be rated until he has some senior film.

Virginia Cavaliers 2015 Recruiting Class

Jaun Thornhill, ATH, Altavista, VA (Altavista)

Ryan Bischoff, OT, Plymouth Meeting, PA (Plymouth Whitemarsh)