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STL March Mayhem Bracket Challenge Winners

This story has nothing to do with Tony Bennett.
This story has nothing to do with Tony Bennett.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Though I stopped paying attention to basketball weeks ago, my sources tell me that the national championship game has, in fact, occurred, which means that the 2014 STL March Mayhem Bracket Challenge has officially concluded. Congratulations to our three winners:

  1. Jake (hellUVA Bracket)
  2. John (John's Peerless Bracket)
  3. Tiago Bezerra (TonyBennettIsMyHero)

You three are the proud winners of $50, $30 and $20 to our proud sponsor, One Squat Shop. Thanks to fellow Wahoo Lindsay and her team over there for making this possible.

But let's not get too carried away with celebrating these three winners. Rather, let's take a look at Jake's winning bracket, who accurately picked Michigan State to take down Virginia in the Sweet Sixteen. ENJOY YOUR BLOOD MONEY, YOU JERK. Just kidding. Thanks for reading the site. (I'm not kidding.)

All three winners should contact me to claim their prize.

Once again, thanks to One Squat Shop -- even if you're not one of the winners, you should check them out and see what kind of awesome workout gear you can pick up!