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Joe Harris Somehow Got More Amazing

Just when you thought the Swoon King couldn't get any more swoonier, he went and became more awesome.

Streeter Lecka

Tuesday, Virginia fans received an unexpected treat.

Could it be?

So, you're telling me Joe Harris, in a Virginia uniform, one more time?

Well that's fantastic!

Press releases were posted to, the local Charlottesville media ran their stories, and the twitter was abuzz with excitement.

Before Wahoo fans could even set their DVR, however, an interesting tweet emerged Wednesday morning.

I'm sorry, what? Did you say Billy Baron? The Billy Baron who played for UVa. and did this?

But, why? What? As the day pressed on, there wasn't much information flowing as to why Joe Harris wasn't participating. Early afternoon, Wahoo Nation got their answer, and it somehow managed to raise their already maxed out opinions of the fourth year captain.

"I was incredibly honored by the opportunity to participate in the three-point competition," Harris said. "After reviewing the travel schedule and my class commitments, I just couldn't make it work. I would like to thank the State Farm College Three-Point Championship committee for their consideration and I wish the participants the best of luck in the competition."

There you have it. Joe Harris respectfully declined participation in the event because of academic obligations.

Not surprised, indeed. Coach Bennett truly has some extraordinary players on this team, both on and off the court. Hats off to you, Joe, for having your priorities straight in a time when the 'student' portion of student athlete is often overlooked. #SWOON

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