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Cavaliers Take Down Yellow Jackets 4-3 in Extras

It wasn't pretty, but it wouldn't be Cavalier baseball if it was. 11 innings is all it took for the Hoos to clinch another W and series victory.

Joe McCarthy helped lead the Cavalier offense to a series clinching victory over the Yellow Jackets
Joe McCarthy helped lead the Cavalier offense to a series clinching victory over the Yellow Jackets
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I've read countless tweets, comments, and message board posts about the "terrible" offense the Cavaliers have had this season. Is it up to the standards that everyone was used to last season? No, not particularly. Is it living up to the standards we all set for the offense coming into the season? Of course not.

Does it matter? It sure as hell doesn't. What matters is that nearly every day the offense does what is necessary to win the game. To notch another mark in that first column of a win loss record, all you have to do is score more runs than the other team. So far, this UVa team has done that 40 times. That's more times than every other school in the country, save three.

Today was one of those games that those people will point to. It's also one that I will point to. It took 11 innings and some terrible baseball/pitching from Georgia Tech for the Hoos to score 4 runs. They had 10 hits and 8 walks on the day, and were only able to score 4 total. Yes, they left countless runners on base, but they were able to manufacture runs when necessary.

Facing a 2-1 deficit in the 8th, the boys were able to manufacture a run thanks to singles, sac bunts, and a sac fly.

They faced a 3-2 deficit in the 9th and yet again were able to manufacture a another tying run thanks to a single, aggressive base running, doing the job, and another sac fly.

They finally won the game in the 11th after Pinero lead off with a single, got to 2nd on a hit and run, and moved over to third by stealing the bag off the pitcher. Three more walks later and the Hoos had their 40th victory.

Was it pretty? No.

Did they smoke Georgia Tech? Certainly not.

Did they have to? Nope

Did they win? They sure did. Just like they had done 39 times before.

Hoos go for the series sweep tomorrow at noon. If you're in Cville, go out to the game, it's Senior Day. Austin Young and Artie Lewicki deserve everyone's support. Heck, it'll be Whit Mayberry's last regular season home game. Amazing after 8 seasons as a Cavalier he will finally leave!