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Virginia Daily Links: Moses and Bowanko to the NFL

Today, we take a look at two Hoos going off to the NFL, we check in on a former Wahoo lacrosse all-star, and we implore the ACC to scrap their website already.

Jared Wickerham

Alright, we're going to take yet another attempt at this -- the return of the daily link digest formerly known as the Rotunda Roundup. These links aren't meant to be all-encompassing or even very informative. It's just meant to give you a flavor of what we found interesting the day before. Or two days before. It'll all depend on how consistent we are with these.

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft Transcript: Luke Bowanko
Former Virginia center Luke Bowanko, who was drafted on Saturday in the sixth round, goes on the phone with the Jaguars. Skip the transcript and go to the bottom for an audio recording of the light-hearted conversation.

Former Wahoo Chris Bocklet Scores Overtime Game Winner
Former UVA star Chris Bocklet scored the game-winning goal just under a minute into overtime to give the Denver Outlaws the 10-9 win over the Boston Canons on Saturday. Denver remains undefeated on the season so far (3-0).

U.Va.'s Moses slid, but history is on Skins' side | Virginian-Pilot
Morgan Moses, the Virginia offensive tackle who some thought might be taken on the first night of the NFL draft, didn't hear his name called until the third round. Football wonks are saying the Washington Redskins may have gotten a steal. Bob Molinaro makes the case.

Wackjob Ideas | From Old Virginia

FOV offers up some ideas on how the ACC can fix baseball, football, basketball and lacrosse, and some of those ideas aren't half bad. Also, he says what we're all thinking -- fix the ACC's website, it's terrible.

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