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Virginia Daily Links: Morgan Moses's Biggest Fan

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This website can never get enough Joe Harris, so there's a vine video at the end dedicated especially to us, you, and also every other viewer in the world.

Meet the screaming, Morgan Moses-loving, draft day-famous Redskins fan | Washington Post
"What? What?? MORGAN MOSES!!" The man is passionate, you have to give him that.

Blog: Lewicki joins weekend rotation | Daily Progress
After dropping subtle hints over the course of the last month, Virginia coach Brian O'Connor finally made it officially Tuesday night.Artie Lewicki is joining Nathan Kirby and Brandon Waddell in UVa's weekend rotation.

Virginia Volleyball Announces 2014 Schedule |
Cavaliers to host 12 matches, including one tournament at Memorial Gymnasium, during 2014 campaign.

And finally, Joe Harris does his 8-second Vine interview for the NBA Draft Combine...apparently someone coached him not to show any emotion whatsoever:

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