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Virginia Daily Links: Throwback Wednesday with Sean Singletary, Aaron Brooks, Sylven Landesberg, etc.

Yep, Sean Singletary is still in our news cycle. Also, so is Aaron Brooks. And Sylven Landesberg and Devin Smith! WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

Aaron Brooks, John Carney elected to Saints Hall of Fame
Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks and kicker John Carney have been elected to the Saints Hall of Fame for the Class of 2014. The selections were made by the Saints Hall of Fame Media Selection Committee.

A primer on the new College Football Playoff | ESPN
This is important for UVa fans: here's how the new College Football Playoff will work.

Singletary plans youth basketball camp in Charlottesville | Cavalier Insider
Former UVa star Sean Singletary was recently in Charlottesville, and Whiney Reid got the chance to talk to him about that fork in the road that many professional athletes hit.

College Football's Coaches on the Hot Seat: 2014 Spring Practice Edition |
Well, the lede to this is, "Mike London enters 2014 squarely on the hot seat." Never mind that Florida's Will Muschamp is No. 1 on the list. In any event, the author writes, "The Cavaliers have only six winning seasons in the last 13 years. Perhaps this job is tougher than some believe?"

Former UVa players help Israeli team win European title | Associated Press
Former UVA players Sylven Landesberg and Devin Smith help Maccabi Tel Aviv to win the Euroleague basketball championships over Real Madrid in overtime.

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