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ACC Baseball Tournament UVA Cheering Guide: Pool Play Day One

With the play-in games behind us, the ACC Tournament turns to Pool Play. The Hoos do not play again, but still have a rooting interest in at least one of these games.

Brandon Downs and the Hoos will be spectators today.
Brandon Downs and the Hoos will be spectators today.

With day one in the books at the ACC baseball tournament, we now know our Pool members. The action in pool play begins today, with games on the schedule. Let's take a look at how the Hoos want it to shake out today.

Game 3: #4 Duke vs Clemson
Hoo Should We Root For: Clemson, I suppose

Why: This game is in Pool A, so it doesn't really matter for the Hoos. Both teams are probably on the wrong side of the NCAA bubble right now, but Clemson is closer (RPI 46), so a win might be enough to get them in. Duke (RPI 84) has a lot more work to do. Once again, more ACC teams in the NCAA tourney is good for the Hoos.

Game 4: #9 Georgia Tech vs #1 Miami
Hoo Should We Root For: Georgia Tech, I guess

Why: Georgia Tech most likely punched their ticket with the win yesterday. Miami is, of course, a lock. But Miami is the better team and seeing them lose to Georgia Tech would be nice. If the Hoos get to the Championship game, they'd rather face the Jackets.

Game 5: #7 UNC vs #2 FSU
Hoo Should We Root For: UNC

Why: Finally, a game that actually matters to the Hoos. The Hoos want to win their bracket. If they win out, it doesn't really matter what happens in other games. However, FSU is the top team in the bracket and the toughest matchup for the Hoos. If the Hoos are going to lose a game in pool play, it stands to reason that FSU would be that game. So, they'd need FSU to lose their other two games in order to advance. Unlikely maybe, but that's what we want. The Hoos will be heavily favored over UNC and Maryland.

Check back tomorrow for Day Three's cheering guide, which will finally include the Hoos first ACC Tournament game (of course, we already know who to root for in that one).