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ACC College Baseball Tournament UVA Cheering Guide: Pool Play Day Two

With one day of pool play in the books, the ACC Baseball Tournament is well underway. The Hoos get to play today, at 11AM (ugh!), and then there are two Pool A games afterwards. (The Hoos are in Pool B.) We're taking a quick look at Hoo Wahoo fans should root for in those two games.

Nick Howard and the Hoos finally get to play today at the ACC Baseball Tourney.
Nick Howard and the Hoos finally get to play today at the ACC Baseball Tourney.

We've now reached day 3 of the ACC Baseball Tournament and finally the Hoos get to see the field. They play in the early game at 11AM today. There's two other games though, and we're here to tell you who to root for in those contests.

Game 6: #6 Maryland vs #3 Virginia
Hoo Should We Root For: Virginia

Why: Virginia.

Game 7: #9 Georgia Tech vs #4 Duke
Hoo Should We Root For: Duke

Why: Georgia Tech is a lock for the NCAAs. Duke isn't. A win today may be enough to get Duke in (thought it might not). If Duke wins this one and Miami beats Clemson later, all 4 teams in Pool A would be 1-1, and that would set up a very exciting Friday and Saturday in Pool A. As long as these games don't matter too much for the Hoos, we may as well root for some exciting games down the road.

Game 8: #5 Clemson vs #1 Miami
Hoo Should We Root For: Miami

Why: I'm awfully tempted to root for Clemson, because that would basically knock Miami out of the ACC Tournament. But as I mentioned above, these games don't matter a whole lot for the Hoos, and having some exciting ACC Tournament baseball games on Friday and Saturday sounds like a lot of fun. Clemson also becomes a lock for the NCAAs with a win today over the RPI #12 team in the nation.

So there it is. Wahoo fans are obviously going to care most about the early game. Those two later games are relatively unimportant as far as the Hoos are concerned. Still, the ACC Baseball Tournament is a fun time and keeping up the intrigue keeps fans interested, so let's root for a 4 way tie in Pool A.

Check back tomorrow for the Friday's cheering guide.