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ACC College Baseball Tournament UVA Cheering Guide: Pool Play Day Three

With the Hoos loss, it makes today's action very important. We need some help to advance out of the Pool. So, let's take a look at what we need.

Kenny Townes and the Hoos need a win today to stay alive.
Kenny Townes and the Hoos need a win today to stay alive.

So the Hoos loss yesterday was disappointing. It makes advancing more difficult, but not impossible. However,  it makes the cheering guide a little easier to write. We want to advance, and only one outcome (in the Pool B game) keeps that option open.

Game 9: #6 Maryland vs #2 Florida State

Hoo Should We Root For: FSU

Why: Because the Hoos lost to Maryland yesterday, we need a Maryland loss today. Then, assuming we take care of business against UNC today and FSU tomorrow, we'll advance. If Maryland beats UNC tomorrow, there will be a 3-way tie between UVA/FSU and Maryland, and we would advance by virtue of the better ACC winning percentage. If UNC beats Maryland, there would be a 2-way tie between FSU and Virginia and the Hoos would advance because of the head-to-head win.

Here are the tie-breaker rules for a 3-way tie:

(2) Three Teams Tied:

a) The team with the best overall conference winning percentage in regular season play will advance.
(b) The team with the best head to head conference winning percentage among the tied teams in regular season play, provided that all teams were common opponents during the regular season, will advance.
(c) The team with the highest seed in the respective bracket will advance.!/page/baseball-championship-determination-pool-play

Game 10: #9 Georgia Tech vs #5 Clemson
Hoo Should We Root For: Georgia Tech

Why: If Clemson wins this game, they advance at 3-0. That would make tomorrow morning's Duke-Miami game meaningless. If Clemson loses, they are eliminated, despite being tied at 2-1. If Miami wins tomorrow, Duke and GT would be tied at 2-1 and the 2-team tie-breaker is head to head so GT advanced. If Duke wins tomorrow, Duke/Clemson/GT would all be 2-1 and Duke would advance by virtue of the better conference winning percentage (by .5 games over Clemson). So, for the sake of interesting Saturday morning games, we root for the Jackets.

Game 11: #7 UNC vs #3 Virginia
Hoo Should We Root For: Virginia

Why: Virginia.

So that's today's action. If Maryland manages to upset the 'Noles (or god-forbid the Hoos fall again), then tomorrow's games won't matter. At least not to the Hoos. But if things go the right way, we should be in for a very exciting Saturday at the ACC Baseball Tournament.

Check back tomorrow for Saturday's cheering guide.