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NCAA Tournament Selection Show

The Cavaliers already know they'll be hosting next weekend. Today we get to find out who they'll be hosting and who they might play the following weekend.


For the 14th time in school history, the Cavalier baseball team has advanced to the NCAA Tournament. This also marks the 11th straight year the Hoos have advanced. There were only 8 teams in the NCAA that had advanced to the last 10 NCAA tournaments, and it is likely those 8 will make it this year.

This NCAA tournament will also be the 8th time in school history and 5th straight year the Virginia program will host a regional. Only South Carolina can boast of the same stat.

It is widely speculated by many of the college baseball experts that the Hoos will be given either the #3 or #4 National Seed. If they do get a National Seed, it will be the 4th time in school history the Cavaliers will achieve the feat.

I don't bear to guess what teams will be in UVa's regional. Both Perfect Game's Kendall Rogers and Baseball America's Aaron Fitt have Old Dominion as the Charlottesville 3 seed and Liberty as the 2 seed. The only difference between the two experts is the 4 seed. Fitt has an all Virginia regional with George Mason as the final team, while Rogers has Bucknell visiting Davenport Field.

While the other three teams that the Hoos will host are important, I think the bigger factor to pay attention to will be the Regional the Cavaliers are matched up against. Fitt and Rogers both think the Charlottesville regional will be matched with future ACC foe, Louisville. I think the committee will actually set the Charlottesville regional against either the Columbia (USC) regional or the Oxford (Ole Miss) regional.

The Selection Show is at noon on ESPN, so make sure to tune in to see who the Cavaliers will play host to this weekend.