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USA vs. Germany - STL's Game Thread!

Because America.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are still about two months away from the next time a UVA sports team takes the field.  So, for a couple hours today, let's trade our orange in for red and white and cheer on the United States together in its big match against Germany.

What: United States vs. Germany

Time: Noon
Where: Recife, Brazil
TV: ESPN (or watch online using WatchESPN)

Obviously the United States will CRUSH Germany today.  And, if not, we'll obviously manage a tie.  In either of those cases, the USA is through to the next round! Wooo!

If something goes horribly wrong, and we lose...we can still go through to the next round! Joe Nuxoll at Center Line Soccer provided this handy chart to see how we can advance with a loss:

Basically, if the US loses, and Ghana and Portugal tie, we're through. If there's a winner of that match, they'll tie us in the standings, and it'll come down to tiebreakers.  That purple area there represents a coin flip to decide who moves on to the round of 16...that'd be fun.


SBNation's soccer people have us covered for this match also.

3 Key Matchups for USA vs. Germany

"For Love of Country - Celebrating the U.S. Men's Soccer Team"

US and Germany just need a draw

And lots more

Join us in the comments to celebrate a USA victory! (Or tie?) (Or loss, but Ghana doesn't win by enough goals).