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Joe Harris selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with 33rd pick in NBA Draft

Wahoowa, Joe!

This silky-smooth jumper is what the Cavs drafted.
This silky-smooth jumper is what the Cavs drafted.
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Harris was drafted 33rd overall, the third pick of the 2nd round, by the Cleveland Cavaliers in last night's 2014 NBA Draft.  Harris became the first player drafted since Mike Scott two years ago, and the highest pick since Roger Mason went 31st overall to the Bulls (that was the second pick of the 2nd round back then).

As family, friends, and plenty of fans have put it: Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier.

The Cavaliers are getting an outstanding pure shooter with plenty of range - he shot over 40% for his career at UVA, and was last cited making 16 of 25 NBA-range 3s in a workout.  Though Harris is physically below an elite NBA level, he dominated at UVA with the assistance of his high basketball IQ; he moved well without the ball, took advantage of his underrated strength to get to the rim, and was an excellent system defender.  Though Harris was a versatile player at Virginia, his place on the Cleveland roster is as a shooter.

During the final year of his fantastic four-year career, culminating in his leading the Hoos to a #1 seed in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, it's been well-chronicled that Joe Harris's counting stats took a dive; between his third and fourth years, he went from 16.3 ppg to 12.0.  But stats are stupid, especially that one. Harris had no problem subjugating his statistics for the sake of the team.  (And, his advanced stats showed that his abilities, away from the FT line, were as good as ever. His ORtg actually increased slightly).  The Washington Post noted that, unlike other teams, the Cavaliers never harped on the dropoff, and Harris felt this showed they appreciated his game most.

Harris has his work cut out for him - second rounders aren't guaranteed contracts like first-rounders are.  And like Mike Scott before him, Harris will likely spend time on the Cavalier's D-League team in Canton.

To Cavs fans, we should note, you're also getting a....highly popular guy, who was admired for more than just his basketball ability.  So, there's that.