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Super Regional Q&A With Testudo Times

The Hoos host the Terps this weekend in the NCAA Baseball Charlottesville Super Regional, so we reached out to our compatriots over at Testudo Times to chat about the matchup.


Andrew Kramer from Testudo Times was kind enough to chat with me prior to Virginia's LAST EVER ACC MATCHUP WITH MARYLAND IN ANYTHING. EVER. Check out their site this afternoon for our very own Will Campbell's answers to Andrew's questions!

STL:  The Terps have become a totally different team since getting swept by BC. What has been the difference?

TT: According to Coach Szefc, a number of seniors stepped forward and made it known that they wanted to play in the post-season. Their senior leadership apparently was influential. From my perspective, a number of bats that had been quiescent during the majority of the season started to get hot at the right time. In part this is due to being more aggressive at the plate, swinging earlier in the count.

STL:  We are clearly not happy to have lost to you all in the ACCt. Who needs to step up for Maryland to have a shot at Virginia in a series, especially after the Hoos got a bit of their groove back in dominating their regional?

TT: Charlie White is a table setter and if he hits the ball well then the whole team seems to respond. Brandon Lowe is a freshman All-American 2B that can spray the ball around and has a great OBP. LaMonte Wade, Jose Cuas, and Kevin Martir bring the power (I speak in relative terms here). But the key player besides White is SS Blake Schmit. He’s had a fair number of clutch two out hits during the post-season and is really the unsung hero of the team. From the pitching side, Maryland needs to have Kevin Mooney on target. You saw two Kevin Mooneys in the ACCT: one who almost blew a three-run lead to you guys, and another who emphatically shut down FSU.

STL:  This is the last official meeting between Maryland and Virginia as ACC rivals. Bittersweet? Glad? Does this add an extra level to it?

TT: It might be the last meeting as ACC rivals but it’s not the last meeting. The coaching staffs of the two schools are good friends and I expect that Maryland will play Virginia annually. I sincerely hope so, because our RPI will take a hit being in the B1G. Maryland will need to have a tough OOC schedule to make up for that.