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UVa Athletes and Coaches take on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Virginia's celebrities take on the viral challenge.

Chris Long gets doused
Chris Long gets doused
Chris Long's Instagram

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been making its way furiously across the interwebs, and facebook in particular. In case you're not aware, the premise is simple. At some point, someone issues the challenge to you. You either dump a bucket of ice water (no cheating by using warm water to negate the ice!) or you make a $100 donation to ALS (better known as Lou Gehrig's disease) research, such as the ALS Association. There have been reports online on the tremendous spike in online donations since this trend caught on.

Coaches and athletes at UVA have also been taking part in the fun.

Football Associate Head Coach Tom O'Brien was among the first on the football front to get the party started:

He paid it forward by calling out Virginia Football Head Coach Mike London:

...who in turn called out former UVA great and current St. Louis Ram Chris Long:

It's not just the football side of things that are getting into the spirit. Former UVA Cavalier and current Cleveland Cavalier Joe Harris shared his video with us too:

Are there other Cavalier celebrities out there who have taken the challenge? Share the videos you've found in the comments! (And no, don't call me out on a challenge -- I just completed it this past weekend!)