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Second Year Profiles: George Adeosun

The Hoos reeled in a relatively unknown OL out of Georgia on signing day last year. George Adeosun was a big get for the Hoos at a position of need, right at the end of the recruiting cycle. Adeosun was raw, and wasn't expected to contribute as a freshman. But a knee injury kept him off the practice fields for the season, and now that same injury threatens to end his career.

Guys like George Adeosun pick the Hoos because of academics and because of Mike London.
Guys like George Adeosun pick the Hoos because of academics and because of Mike London.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

George Adeosun was almost an unheard of prospect throughout most of his recruiting cycle. His recruiting finally blew up over the few weeks following the end of his senior season of high school football. Prior to that, he was barely a prospect. He had committed to play at William & Mary, but all of a sudden he had offers from Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee and others. Still, despite an official visit to Charlottesville in January, his name had barely even registered on Virginia recruiting websites and message boards.

Then, on signing day, Adeosun committed to the Hoos. The decided factor, according to reports, was Virginia's outstanding academic reputation. At the end of the recruiting cycle, Adeosun was rated as a 4-star prospect by some services (and as low as 2 by others).

Despite being 6'5" and over 300 pounds, it was thought that Adeosun was a definite redshirt candidate due to his relatively low level of experience. A year spent in the weight room and learning from college-level coaches could really develop this prospect into a top OT.

And then, during fall practice, Adeosun injured his leg. He had knee surgery and was immediately out for the season. This was a blow, because while nobody expected him to play, the injury would keep him off the practice fields and likely out of the weight room as well. This could severely hamper his development. But, injuries happen in football. No big deal. Adeosun would rehab and be ready to go for spring practice.

Just prior to spring practice, it was announced that Adeosun would have another surgery on his knee, and his career could be in jeopardy. From a Wahoo perspective, this was terrible news. The Hoos have struggled with OL depth for a number of years, and losing a prospect with Adeosun's potential is a big blow. Of course, from Adeosun's perspective, it was even worse news. His football career might be over even before it really begins. Not to mention the struggles he would have going through rehab and any further issues he might have with the knee.

Perhaps Adeosun will be able to return after another year or so of rehab. This would be the best case scenario. If not, at least he'll be able to remain at UVA on scholarship. This would be a case where picking a college based on academic reputation, as opposed to athletic reputation, would be a great decision. Hopefully, even if Adeosun never plays football again, he'll be able to complete his degree at UVA and he'll look back on his decision with pride.