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Second Year Profiles: Jack English

Jack English's high school teammate Thompson Brown spent one year playing DE for the Hoos and then decided that he no longer wanted to play football. English spent one year at DE, and since then has changed positions twice. It is now becoming a longshot that he'll ever contribute on the field for the Hoos.

Mike London and his coaching staff have already changed English's position two times in just one year.
Mike London and his coaching staff have already changed English's position two times in just one year.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoos last recruit out of St Christopher's HS in Richmond was Thompson Brown. Some fans may remember him as a guy who played as a true freshman and showed a lot of potential. He was a DE with outstanding size and quickness. Then, for some reason, he gave up football. Now, the Hoos have Jack English from the same HS.

English was 6'5" 260 when he was recuited. Some recruiting sites listed him as a DT. The Hoos slotted him at DE, where he was an easy redshirt because of depth ahead of him and because he hadn't really emphasized DE in HS, where he'd moved around the line quite a bit. There was some talk, even last year, about moving English to offense.

During the spring, English played at DE. Then, coming into fall practice, it was announced that he would move to TE in order to help deepen the position. Then, when the new roster came out, English was listed as an OT. He's still 6'5" 260, which means he's almost definitely not strong enough to play OT. Now, he could be used as a blocking TE even though he's listed at OT. It certainly seems like he's looking at essentially a second redshirt year while he learns how to play OT.

At DE (or DT to a lesser degree), English profiled as a good run stopper. He had very good size and strength and has always been a high energy guy. The same skills could make him a solid OT, but he needs to add more size. As a blocking TE, he already has good size and could make an impact. Especially on a team with OL troubles, having a TE who can be trusted to pick up and neutralize a blitzing LB is valuable.

Brown left the program because he'd "lost the passion for football". Let's hope that English doesn't soon find himself in the same position after the coaching staff jerks him around from position to position.