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Second Year Profiles: Eric Tetlow

Last year, Eric Tetlow played in 5 games as a true freshman. It seemed like he was being primed to start at OC this year. But now he's running with the 3rd team OL. If that's truly the case, he should redshirt this year, to help space him out from the other OCs on the roster.

OL Coach Scott Wachenheim has some difficult decisions to make.
OL Coach Scott Wachenheim has some difficult decisions to make.

Over the past decade or so, the Hoos haven't really had a plan at OC. While there have been guys like Anthony Mihota, who stuck at OC for a couple of years, there has never been a progression plan. Far too often, guys like Luke Bowanko, who are better suited to OG, have been forced to play OC. At times, they have been successful, and at times, they have been poor.

When Cody Wallace came into the program, he was initially slotted at OC but wasn't able to stick there. He's since played both OG and OT. Ross Burbank started last season at OC, but he didn't last and now he's expected to start at OG. Jackson Matteo took over for Burbnk as the starting OC, but couldn't hold the job either. Bowanko was forced back to OC for the remainder of the season.

Enter Eric Tetlow. He was slotted at OC when he arrived on grounds last year. He played in 5 games as a true freshman, all at OC. Most of his playing time came either on special teams or in garbage time. Still, the staff saw something in him, and wanted to get his feet wet at OC. Coming into fall practice, he was seen as the likely starting OC. But, he's split time there with Matteo and (surprisingly) Wallace.

In fact, many of the reports have shown Tetlow running with the third team. If Tetlow is truly the 3rd OC on the roster, then the staff made a huge mistake in playing him last year. Enough of a mistake that they should consider redshirting him this year. If he's not going to play more than he did last season, there is no reason to play him at all. If Matteo and Wallace can handle OC, then Tetlow should spend the year getting stronger and smarter. It will help space him out from Matteo's (who is a redshirt sophomore), so we'll actually have a progression plan in place at OC.

Hopefully, between Matteo and Tetlow, we'll be set at OC for the next 3 years. That would be almost unprecedented for the Hoos over the past decade.