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This BYU fan makes the weirdest jokes

A new level of "trash talk":

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Playing the likes of Virginia Tech and (previously) Maryland yearly makes interacting with other, more civilized fanbases before out-of-conference games fun and interesting. And BYU fans seem to be the most interesting of all.

We got to know them last year, when they turned out to Charlottesville for last year's game, a friendly if overconfident bunch. And now, before UVA's road game in Provo, we have been introduced to "Boney Fuller," who makes hilarious and bizarre jokes about opposing teams on Twitter; this week, his target is UVA.

Below are just a few of his jabs at Wahoo players...with plenty more on his twitter feed.  He's a riot.

Apparently, our players look like dead animals? Err...I guess they kinda do.

His #UVAYearbook series is also a good one- here's a sampling:

It's "Grounds," bro:

At least our players are getting a kick out of the abuse too:

Last year, UVA had the last laugh when the team's only FBS win of the season came against the Cougars in a thriller. Let's do the same this year? (The beating BYU part...not the one FBS win part).  In the meantime, if any Wahoo fans are looking for revenge: BYU's roster is here.