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STL Week 3 ACC Football Power Rankings

We're three weeks in to the season now, and things seem to be even more confusing than last week!

Jimbo leads the 3-0 Seminoles this weekend into their annual showdown with Clemson. We'll see if the 'Noles have our top spot next week as well.
Jimbo leads the 3-0 Seminoles this weekend into their annual showdown with Clemson. We'll see if the 'Noles have our top spot next week as well.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The top 2 teams in the conference had bye weeks to prepare for each other. The rest of the Conference saw some terrible play and a few upsets.

Here's how we think the ACC is stacked up after three weekends of play.

1. Florida State Seminoles (2-0, 0-0). Last week: 1.
FSU had a bye week to prepare for their inter-division foe, Clemson. They've now essentially had two bye weeks since they played The Citadel in week 2. Now that Jameis Winston is "suspended" for the first half, it'll be interesting to see if the Seminoles can cover that big spread
"Florida State was idle last week...and they had as much chance of losing as they did the week prior against the Citadel. But things get real fast, as they take on Clemson at home Saturday." - Schwartz
"FSU got a bye before its most important game of the season. If the Noles can get by Clemson, they will have the inside track to a 12-0 record and a birth in the College Football Playoff.. that is if Jameis can keep his mouth shut." - Drew

2. Clemson Tigers (1-1, 0-0). Last week 2
Like their Atlantic rival FSU, Clemson had another bye week after playing their 5th string team the previous weekend. They struggled scoring against UGA in the later parts of Week 1 so it could be a struggle again this week against maybe an even better defense. 
"It is only September, but the Tigers will make or break their entire season this Saturday at Florida State. Win or lose, they are still clearly a cut above the rest of the league." - Drew

3. Duke Blue Devils (3-0, 0-0). Last week: 5
Duke's schedule so far: Kansas, Troy, and Elon. Up next for them: Tulane. They've won, so that's good. And they've played some truly shit teams, so think of them what you want. 
"They're 3-0 (soon to be 4-0), they haven't even been challenged and they won the Coastal last year. Until they prove they don't belong up here, how can you drop them?" - Tiki
"The Devils have done everything that's been asked of them so far, and they've looked good doing it. They've yet to play a league contest, but the Boone to Crowder combo is going to keep a lot of opposing defensive coordinators up at night." - Drew

4. Pittsburgh Panthers (3-0, 1-0). Last week: 6
Pitt fell behind early to FIU before deciding that they actually wanted to win by outscoring the Panthers 42-9 over the final three quarters. They'll face a little more competition this weekend when Iowa comes to Heinz Field, although I am not sure Iowa is all that good either. 
"It's goofy having Pitt up this high so soon. But the rest of the division has looked mighty shaky early, while Pitt has pounded 2 lesser opponents and taken down BC on the road, a win that looks better after USC failed to do the same. I don't think they will keep it up, but a forgiving ACC schedule may turn them into a surprise competitor." - Schwartz

5. Virginia Cavaliers (2-1, 1-0). Last week: 9
The Hoos hosted Louisville in the first annual Bourbon Bowl. Many expected UVa's defense to play well, but not quite well enough. Even though the team made it a little closer than every UVa fan would've liked, they came out on top. Another test comes this week as the Cavaliers travel to Provo to take on yet another Top 25 team.
"I refuse to say anything about this team for fear of jinxing it." - Trogs
"Saturday was huge for the program, but the Wahoos cannot let up from here. Penn State and BYU were both big wins as well, but everything went south from there. I believe that this is a different team, and if they can get to the bye week at 4-2 or better, the Hoos should feel great going into the stretch run of the season." - Drew

6. VPISU Hokies (2-1, 0-0). Last week: 3
Riding high after an amazing road win in Columbus over the Ohio State, the Hokies returned home and fell to an impressive East Carolina team. The Hokies host Georgia Tech this weekend, so we will get to see which Virginia Tech team is the one that will show up every weekend. 
In typical VT fashion, the Hokies followed up a huge win with an even bigger letdown. This is a young team that will have its peaks and valleys throughout the season. Fortunately for Tech, Bud Foster always brings his A-game against Georgia Tech, who the Hokies play next." - Drew

7. Louisville Cardinals (2-1, 1-1). Last week: 4
Cardinals aren't big fans of the Cavaliers, but they should've known you don't just come to Charlottesville and expect to walk out of Scott Stadium with an easy victory. They travel again this weekend to Florida to take on FIU. The Panthers were killed by Duke, so Louisville should be 3-1 next week.
"Louisville is still a good team, and I think by the end of the season they'll still be in the top half of the conference. But the middle of the pack is such a cluster right now that a loss like Saturday's will have a sizable effect on the rankings." - Leung

8. North Carolina Tar Heels (2-0, 0-0). Last week: 7
Tar Heels had a bye week to prepare for East Carolina. They're 2-0 thus far thanks to victories over such stalwarts as San Diego State and Liberty. An impressive win this weekend will gain North Carolina the respect they think they deserve.
"I have no idea what to make of anyone between #3-10 in these rankings, but UNC hasn't looked that great so far. If they win this weekend, they'll move ahead of at least VPISU. But if they lose, they likely won't be in the top 10." - Will

9. Boston College Eagles (2-1, 0-1). Last week: 11
BC had the upset of the weekend by beat USC in Chestnut Hill. After not looking so great in week 2 against Pittsburgh, beating USC is a headscratcher. They'll play host to their second D1-AA team this weekend in Maine and should be 3-1. I can't say they'll move up a whole lot after a W.
Just a great win for the Eagles against BC. No reason they can't make some hay in the Atlantic division this year with the glut of weaker teams there." - Trogs

10. Miami Hurricanes (2-1, 0-1). Last week: 8
After losing their ACC home opener to Louisville in Week 1, the Canes have rattled off two fairly dominant victories over Florida A&M and Arkansas State. They'll get another test this weekend traveling to Lincoln to take on Nebraska. It should help all of us go a long way in figuring out exactly what to make of Miami.
There will be some clarity in the ACC Coastal at some point...but the jury remains out on Miami.  Despite their recovery to easily defeat 2 lesser opponents, they looked lifeless in their only "real" game against Louisville. Even UVA could beat Louisville!" - Schwartz

11. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-0, 0-0). Last week: 10
Like Duke, Georgia Tech has played nobody. Unlike the Blue Devils, the Yellow Jackets haven't looked all that great against their lower competition. They travel to Blackburg this weekend in their ACC opener. Unless the Hokies forget to practice against the triple-option, the Yellow Jackets will be 3-1 and probably in the same spot next week

12. Syracuse Orange (3-0, 0-0). Last week: 12
After a bye week during week 2 (week 1 too tough?), the Orange beat Central Michigan easily. This week though, poor Syracuse fans have to put up with Maryland fans. I am sorry, guys. When you saw the rest of refusing to play them ever again, you should've known they were terrible. 
This week's win was impressive, but I'm still wondering how they need 2OT to beat Villanova at home." - Tiki

13. N.C. State Wolfpack (3-0, 0-0). Last week: 13
Let's go ahead and add N.C. State to the list of "we'll play anyone out of conference as long as they aren't any good." This week, they'll play Presbyterian! That's right, the Wolfpack will be 4-0 heading into ACC play and probably lose at least 4 straight after that. 
Whoever has been voting for NCSU in the polls needs to have their eyes/brains examined.  Yeah, NC State is 3-0, and they will soon be 4-0...but there would be LOTS of 4-0 teams against their embarassing out-of-conference schedule of Georgia State, ODU, USF, and Presbyterian." - Schwartz

14. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-2, 0-0). Last week: 14
Wake went out to Utah and lost to Utah State. They did put up over 100 total yards, but ended the game with -25 rushing yards. No, that is not a typo. Yes, that is the second game out of three that Wake ended with negative rushing yards. 
"I don't know. They're terrible. Maybe they can 0-8 in the ACC to make the rest of feel better about UVa football." - Will

Here's how the voting broke down:

Last Week Caroline Will Schwartz Leung Tim Tiki Trogs Wiley Drew OVERALL
Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson
VPISU Pitt Pitt Duke Duke Duke Duke Pitt UVa Duke Duke
Louisville Duke Duke Pitt UNC Pitt Pitt Duke VPISU Pitt Pittsburgh
Duke VPISU VPISU Louisville Pitt VPISU VT UVa Pitt UVa UVa
Pitt UVA Louisville UVa UVA UVA UVA Louisville Duke VPISU VPISU
UNC Louisville UVa VPISU Louisville Louisville Louisville VT Louisville BC Louisville
Miami UNC UNC BC BC UNC UNC Miami UNC Louisville UNC
UVa BC Miami UNC VT BC Miami BC BC UNC Boston College
GT Miami Boston College Miami Miami Miami BC Syracuse Miami Georgia Tech Miami
BC Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse GT UNC NC State Miami Georgia Tech
Cuse NC State NC State GT Georgia Tech GT Cuse GT GT NC State Syracuse
NC St Syracuse Syracuse NC St NC State NCSU NCSt NC State Cuse Syracuse NC State
Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake Wake