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Week 4 .gif Preview: BYU Edition

The Cavaliers beat a D1 team for the first time in roughly 6 years last week when they beat Louisville. This week they travel to Provo to take on the Fightin Mormons!

Mike London's Job Train travels to BYU this weekend to take on the Polygamists.
Mike London's Job Train travels to BYU this weekend to take on the Polygamists.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get this out of the way. Don't deny it. When the final whistle blew last week against Louisville, every single one of us was all like.....


I'm still not entirely sure how they did it, but that could be because I was guzzling down beers trying to watch it in the rain in Columbia, SC. AnyHOO, this week the Mike London Fighting for His Job Train heads out west to the land of short sleeve button downs and ties. That's right UVa fans, no Coca-Cola products or alcohol this week. We're talking straight football.

For any of you going, if you try and "tailgate," I assume you'll walk around like this for a couple hours...


Mormons get the ball first and look like they're going to be able to run all over the Cavalier defense. Steve Young, their QB, is darting left, right, and zipping in 5 yard slants like he's an NFL Hall of Famer. But then, after a ball batted down at the line and a run stuff, the Cavaliers pick Young off to force their first TO of the game.


Luckily for all of us, Steve Fairchild left his play book at home. But no worries folks, he's got it all up there in his noggin! Two dives and a quick slant lead to a 3 and out! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

The rest of the first half is played tight with BYU taking a 13-7 lead into half time. Jimmer Fredette just couldn't get anything going on the ground in the first half.

Hoos get the ball to start the second half and after Khalek runs the ball out from 5 yards deep, the Cavs start on their own 17 yard line (grumble, grumble, grumble). Weirdly enough, Lambert and Johns take the field! TRICKERATION! Parks takes the snap, Lambert and Johns flank out, BYU has no idea who to cover, Parks reads the D, pitches it to Lambert, who throws it 65 yards to a streaking wideout for the TD! UVa takes the 14-13 lead!


Mormons are not pleased with these events. 


Unfortunately, the game doesn't end there. Bronco Mendenhall puts in some no-name Taysom Hill behind center and the kid leads them on a TD drive. 


Then the UVa offense takes the field having to come back again. A pick 6 is promptly thrown to give the bike riders a commanding lead. 


Ah, the life of a UVa fan. The Hoos travel to Parvo, play valiently, but in the end come up just short. On the bright side, they do cover the spread! So there is that.

Good news for all of us, UVa gets what looks to be a Duke, NC State, or Georgia Tech opponent next week when Kent State comes to town! Hear hear for 3-2!